News & Reviews News Wire News photos: Amtrak Phase III heritage unit debuts

News photos: Amtrak Phase III heritage unit debuts

By | October 9, 2021

P42 revives so-called 'Pepsi Can' design of 1991

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Locomotive with elaborate red, white, and blue striking
The Amtrak Phase III heritage locomotive passes through Fredericksburg, Va., on Saturday. (Nathan Richters)

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — The last of Amtrak’s 50th anniversary heritage-paint locomotives is now in service.

P42DC No. 160 wears the “Phase III” scheme — popularly dubbed the “Pepsi Can” — that was unique to the passenger carrier’s P32-8BWH locomotives when delivered in 1991. It was photographed Saturday morning; photographer Nathan Richters said his understanding was the locomotive was only making its third revenue run since repainting.

The locomotive completes the debut of the six anniversary schemes announced earlier this year [see “Behind Amtrak’s new locomotive designs,” Trains News Wire, March 18, 2021]. Still to come is the not-yet-revealed “Phase VII” livery which will be applied to most of the 75-locomotive order for Siemens ALC-42 Chargers.

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Rear view of locomotive with red, white, and blue stripes
A going-away look at the Phase III, or “Pepsi Can,” paint scheme (Nathan Richters)

5 thoughts on “News photos: Amtrak Phase III heritage unit debuts

  1. Looks great my favorite 1 out of the 6 50th Anniversary units Can’t wait to eventually see it in Person. Hopefully some of the late P42s will get the Phase 7 scheme too.

  2. I really like it too. I thought it looked really good on the P32-8 BWH and was hoping that would become the standard paint scheme on all units. Great Job!

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