December 2021

The December 2021 issue of Trains Magazine.


In this Issue

A railroad that is pure Michigan

Lake State Railways doesn’t look or act like a short line.

400 feet to success

Illinois Effingham Railroad transformed itself from a sleepy startup to a successful short line

Transcontinental legacy

Meeker Southern is a Washington state short line that is long on history

More than Alcos

Genesee Valley Transportation revives lines in the Northeast

You'll dig this railroad

Lhoist North America’s Tennessee mining railroad features spectacular bridges and rare GE locomotives

Drayton Blackgrove


From the Southeast to the West

In every issue

News p. 4
How Canadian Pacific + Kansas City Southern will work

Bill Stephens p. 8
Galloping across the Gallup Sub: BNSF Railway shows how Amtrak and freight can coexist

Brian Solomon p. 9
Mass Central passenger excursions revisited: Take a ride on the Ware River Line

Preservation p. 42
Post COVID-19 struggles of tourist railroads and museums

Train-Watching p. 44
Massachusetts short line Grafton & Upton

Ask Trains p. 46
Where to find Amtrak schedules