Videos & Photos Webcam BNSF and Union Pacific in Rochelle IL

BNSF and Union Pacific in Rochelle IL

By Angela Cotey | October 19, 2020

| Last updated on September 22, 2022

A exclusive webcam located in Rochelle IL, capturing live action as the BNSF and Union Pacific mainlines cross.

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Union Pacific to Clinton, Iowa
64.5 miles

BNSF to Savanna, Illinois
60.0 miles

BNSF to Aurora
45.3 miles

UP to Proviso
59.6 miles

Join at Rochelle Rail Park!

Editors, producers and friends from Trains, Model Railroader, and other Kalmbach Media brands invite you to visit with us between Noon and 3 p.m. September 28, 2022, at the Rochelle Rail Park in Rochelle, Ill. — rain or shine!

The crew will be recording video for programs and also grilling lunch for anyone who stops by.

We’ll also be sure to wave to all our friends and viewers at’s Rochelle Web Cam.

For more information, keep watching our Facebook page.


Watch live railroading action 24 hours per day on! Our Rochelle Web Cam captures live action as the BNSF and Union Pacific main lines cross.

Learn more about Rochelle’s railroads

Questions about this camera or its location?

98 thoughts on “BNSF and Union Pacific in Rochelle IL

  1. Okay… I’m no Apple Bar Genius, but it seems we’ve “lost” the bandwidth lately to carry an audio stream and the local temperature reading. Hmmm… sure sign of a shrinking economy or some election year whacky conspiracy theory!!

    Just Sayin’

  2. Ron H. I’d love to see a study done to see how long the UP occupies the crossing vs the BNSF. BNSF local is the only one they have at a slow speed.. The UP is parked on the diamond right now. They park there, they go slow, then reverse directions. The UP velocity in this area leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. Am I the only one that seems to see BNSF moving right along at or close to track speed while the UP trains just plod along?

  4. Please move the weather information to the upper righthand corner or lower center. Most viewers are not from Rochelle and the weather there isn’t important. Thank you.

  5. It would be nice if somebody could go out and clean the camera lens (or protector glass or ?). The same nebulous blob has been hovering over the relay cabinet for several weeks.

  6. The focus problem seems to be worsening. I suspect that’s a remote function that could be easily tweaked if anyone who is authorized knew about it.

  7. Please return the sound function for the smaller sized view. Having sound on the full screen version only does not allow doing other computer tasks at the same time. Secondly, the image resolution has declined a lot. This new format is an Edison moment – great way to discover directions to avoid.

  8. I get two or three emails a day from Trains. If you get your webcam problems resolved I may order some more of your stuff. Otherwise ???

  9. I didn’t use full screen. I used the page zoom to expand the picture to where I wanted. It worked in the morning, when I came back to it in the afternoon I lost the whole tool bar at the bottom, the sound button, the share button (that didn’t work anyway) and the current temp. I’ve had no issues with the webcam for months.

  10. it would be nice to have sound back and be able to go full screen with clarity we had it before can you bring it back please i and many others enjoy the webcam alot

  11. When i change to full screen mode i loose the sound. Perhaps you people need some advice from Virtual Railfan on how to mount and use webcams that work.
    And when there is a problem they get it resolved in a day or two.


    1. I don’t think anyone from Trains reads these posts OR email! I sent them an email about it no longer works on my Fire TV and got no answer. I think we are just blowing wind!

  13. Cam no longer works on my Fire TV. In my browser on my PC, if I have the cam running and go to another tab, the audio stops! Why make something worse?

  14. What happened to the video? Using Safari on my Mac I only get a still picture that’s infrequently updated.

  15. Thanks for the sliding volume control lever. Very handy. Also, to hum/buzz appears to be completely gone. Nice work. Now if you’d have just sharpened up the focus. (Yeah, I know…we’re never satisfied…!)

    1. Where is the pop-up toolbar? All I see is two views of the tracks, with a train silently going across in one of them at times. Agree, the picture is very small.

  16. How much effort does it take to at least respond and explain to Trains patrons what the thinking was/is about no sound on the “improved” webcam?

  17. I came to this site to complain about the no sound option and see others have already commented.
    In my estimation, EarthCam is a subpar service. The YouTube streaming that the Roanoke railcam uses is far superior, including sound.
    Come on Trains … get with it!

  18. Is it a misperception or, in most instances do the BNSF trains seem to be rolling right along while the UP trains seem to . . . . . um, PLOD along? Just asking . . . . . . . .

    1. I agree — UP does seem to run through much slower. Sometimes they completely stop and then back-up to not foul the crossing. Never seen that on BNSF

    2. There is a small yard on the UP line just west of the diamond. This accounts for the slow approach and departure speeds and the back and forth across the diamond as large trains are built up. Google Earth gives you a nice view of the neighborhood

  19. Can’t make the webcam work. I have no problem with webcams all over the country, some in Europe. Why do I only have a problem with Rochelle?????

  20. This site is the only web RR camera I watch that does not have history, only a live picture. Need a better camera and the ability to browse through at least 12 hours of past action.

    For a new, improved website, certainly still has many challenges still unsolved as of the end of July.

  21. One other thing…there is a low level hum or buzz in the audio. It’s not terrible but could probably be easily eliminated.

  22. The site is fine…and I enjoy the train watching. The ‘old view’ was definitely better. Meanwhile, there are a couple of things that could be improved on the ‘new’ look. It appears that some sort of plexiglass protective shield had been added and the result is a lot of strange distortion in the picture in the late afternoon hours. Also, the overall focus doesn’t seem to be as sharp.

  23. Well now a homeless man is moving concrete ash blocks into the lower viewing section. Waking back and forth across BNSf main tracks and throwing them over the fence.

  24. Today I saw what looks like homeless man and two unleashed dogs living in the lower park. I sure hope no one gets bit. I have seen him before without the dogs at different times of the day.

    1. There are a couple people handing around. Today, 05/28, Just saw them come up from the lower level. I thought they had left a few days ago.

  25. Came back to this site today, May 22nd and see that the “new” view is still terrible. Guess I’ll try in another month and see if it has been returned to the “old” view or I am dumping this one! This is one of the big reasons I subscribe to the the magazine.

  26. Hello all,

    Sorry if you’ve been experiencing difficulties. We’re having some teething pains with the new site. As of today, the web cam is function as it should, with sound. There is a pop-up tool bar on the bottom of the screen that allows you to turn sound on and off, as well as enter full-view mode.

    We are still in the “pardon our dust” phase of the site launch, so I simply ask for your patience. Have a good day!


  27. Has anyone ever given any thought to the notion of nighttime lighting to be able to identify the trains at night?

  28. Ok, I hate to pile on but the new webcam t’aint any good. No audio, too small a screen and, and, well I can’t find anything else wrong with it but I’ll keep looking. Website leaves a bit to be desired, too. Why is it folks have to “fix” what isn’t broken 😠?

  29. How does the “Share Image” with the camera icon at the bottom middle of the picture work? I clicked it and nothing seemed to work.
    Plus, I think it is annoying that the cam no longer works with Firefox and I have to use Chrome.

  30. Why does the Rochelle cam work with Edge, but with Firefox, all I see is a black screen with the Earthcam logo?

  31. Do not like the new format. Why mess with something that worked. It looks like something the government would do.

  32. Getting used to navigating the new sight – and while different, I can certainly live with it. Except: Could we please get a link (button maybe) from news wire to the web cam? In order to make the jump I have to relaunch the browser.

  33. Please restore the old layout of the Rochelle webcam webpage.

    The new page layout shrinks the actual webcam window and crams in a large ad. Full screen mode does NOT solve this issue, as I want to have other windows opened along with Rochelle in my daily work. This has been my default desktop for 6 years. Your recent change has ruined it.

    The convention on the Internet is that if you pay for a website (as we all do for and the Rochelle webcam), then ads are REMOVED. Please do so on this webpage.

    1. Update: for those who want the Rochelle webcam window larger but not full screen, display the window and then tap CTRL-SHIFT-+ (CTRL, SHIFT, and + key together) several times. This zooms that browser window and grows the webcam window. You can then center the webcam window, eliminating the ads.

  34. I agree whole heartedly, news wire (on an iPad, anyway) and the webcam resolution on full screen is indeed, pun intended, a train wreck.

  35. I just cannot get over what an astounding mess you folks have made of your web pages. A total failure. The web cam page is much worse. The photo of the day, worse. The News Wire page is just terrible. What are you thinking here, Trains? Who came up with this? PLEASE return to the previous style which was vastly superior to the mess you’ve created here.

  36. Good advice, Ronald, but I want to do other things with my computer than watch a single webcam.

  37. I have figured out what to do for sound, but when I go to full screen, I do not get the full screen and the picture clarity diminishes. Plus in a round about way we do “pay” for it through our subscriptions. If I had to pay additional for the service now, I would decline based upon the quality received. Not a very well thought out change.

  38. People – press/click the BUTTON to take the view to full screen. Press/click the small SPEAKER icon to turn on the sound. As much as I don’t care for the new website, change can be alarming and, as long as other than being a subscriber I don’t have to PAY for access to News Wire or the webcam it’s not that bad.

  39. Still not fixed … must click back and forth on play & pause & full screen to eventually get it to show anything!! Go back to the old way … MUCH BETTER!!!

  40. Have to agree with the criticism of the new layout. The old larger screen was w-a-y better. Why fix something that was really good? Please go back to the old screen view.

  41. The new Trains at Rochelle is very bad. Too small video, no way to turn on sound. Please go back to the older large screen.

  42. It really is bad for us … I can’t get the cam to show any picture … large or small!! It is just a small black square … none of the buttons work!! Please fix … take a step bak and give us the old format!!

  43. What did you do to the Cam?? You had a very good format and was easy to view. I cannot even turn on the sound. If this is the direction you want to take then I guess I can show my displeasure by not renewing when the time comes. I have been a subscriber for many years.

  44. I don’t *hate* the new format, but at the least please restore the webcam to its old size (about double the dimensions of the new format).

  45. Absolutely hate the new format. New web cam is like viewing a postage stamp and it is ridiculous trying to navigate the news wire. The old web page was a thousand percent better and easier to navigate.

  46. I hate the new format. I’ve been a trains subscriber for many years and this just about makes this my last subscription to Trains Mag. Give us back the old rail cam.

    1. same here guess things changed after main editor passed away……bring back old format too bad they want more money to get other things on site that we used to get

  47. I have no interest in this new trcomcomainscom eature. As ffar as I am concerned it is garbage and ruined a fine website. Please give me back my old

  48. The old web site for Rochelle was much better !!! This new one does NOT do it for Me. Its a pain in the Behind to get to work !! I think YOU have LOST ME !!!!! Bmascol..

    1. Roger, EarthCam has cameras located all over the world and this location is not posted on EarthCam’s website as it’s exclusive to (and I just recently checked it over at but they have a network of webcams at other places you can see like WTC in New York or Dealey Plaza in Dallas (you can see some action from DART, TRE, BN and UP)

    2. In my use the video can be initiated by clicking on the pause (||) icon and then the play (>) icon to bring up the video.

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