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By | October 19, 2020

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Current Staff (As of June 2022):

Carl Swanson, Editor

Tom Danneman, Design Director

David Lassen, Senior Editor

Bob Lettenberger, Associate Editor

Nastassia Putz, Production Editor

Monica Freitag, Editorial Assistant

Scott M. Krall, Assistant Design Director

Steve Sweeney, Digital Editor

Tom Vorel, Advertising Sales Representative

104 thoughts on “Staff

  1. This is Bull Crap! You send me an email every couple of days, and when I click through, I get a message that I’ve used up my “free” articles for the month. I PAY FOR TRAINS MAGAZINE, and I have done so for decades. The idea of you sending me a come-on then trying to charge me is despicable. I am a retired senior on a fixed income, and the idea that you would try to charge me for what should be free content (this IS the internet, right?) is robbery. Please stop trying to take advantage of my love of trains to soak me for yet more money.

  2. I have been a subscriber to trains for years. Acct # 402927689289 expires on Nov 2023. Why is it that you block some news articles when i am signed in? I know I can’t view Model railroader or classic toy trains because I do not subscribe to them. But come on like I said I have been a subscriber to trains for years An now your saying I have used up my three views for the month. Or are you trying to push your unlimited access. By the way I don’t feel like paying more for when I all ready subscribe.

  3. I have recently subscribed to your Trains magazine.
    Order Summary
    Account No.: 40295403980

    After receiving my first copy, I see that this is not for me. So please cancel my subscription.

    I am a train novice and was hoping to learn more about how trains operate. But I see that the magazine is written more like a report to management instead of the general public. ie. how many miles between each track town and serial numbers of each train engine etc. I can find nothing that explains the operation of any piece of train equipment. So please cancel my subscription.

  4. Why did you reduce the limit on the number of Newswire articles that I can read before logging in again? It used to be 8 I think, now it’s only 3. I almost always read more than three article each time I go to the site (every day), so I end up reaching my limit and having to log in practically every time. Annoying, especially as I’ve been a “Trains” subscriber since the 1960’s. Not that I deserve special treatment, but I wonder, what is the rationale for reducing the number of news articles per login?

  5. This one is for Bruce Stahl: He wrote an article about the double track work in Michigan City.
    It was interesting but the map left a lot to be desired! Nearly nothing in the article could be confirmed on the map. Either that or some “editor” cropped the map and/or reduced the detail, for clarity…in their opinion!
    Maybe if I were a resident of the area, it would make sense! So, I ask questions: Is there going to be a new right of way? Or, will 10th/11th Streets be double tracked so no traffic will be allowed? If not, where is the new right of way?
    As for this “new” format: it reminds me of most government websites. We pay the taxes (subscriptions) but the editors (government) will tell us what is relevant…in their opinion, because they know what is best for us!! And, yes, I’ve been a subscriber for 50 years, too. There’s a couple of other rail-oriented magazines being printed. Maybe I’ll look into them!
    Advice: Straighten up and fly right!

  6. I have been observing the for the Rochelle Diamond for the last several weeks. Itseems like a high maintenance item with work crews on site t2-4 times per week. Why not run an article detailing diamonds and using the Rochelle diamond as a case example?

  7. Have no problem with News wire. The one exception is the Smart news wire. When selecting it the reply is “You have reached the 8 posts limit” instead of the smart item being shown. Have tried to read it all week before contacting you. Otherwise, I have been able to read every other news wire.

  8. About once a year I can no longer read the newswire, even though my Trains subscription is active. Then I have to waste my time to get it fixed. Why do you keep doing this to me? You send me email every day trying to get me to buy stuff so you know I’m out there. How do you keep failing at the same task over and over?

  9. I have been unable to verify my recent subscription renew I paid for on this website. The changes you made to this website are not working to improve customer loyalty. Due to the lack of information provided so that I can verity my Train Magazine subscription I have come to the unhappy decision that I will no longer be renewing my subscription!

  10. I’m another long-time Trains reader and subscriber who is unhappy with the revamped website. I have to repeatedly change my password which is incredibly annoying and keep running into article limits despite having paid subscriptions for both Trains and Classic Trains. I’ll read the physical magazines and get my rail news elsewhere digitally.

  11. I’m a long-time subscriber and die-hard fan of Trains, Model Railroading and Classic Trains and love what you do in all of them. I no longer get print editions (since 2018 or so) as I much prefer to read them on my iPhone and iPad. HOWEVER— since you’ve moved off the ZINIO platform (which worked perfectly on my devices) your new web-driven format is almost impossible to use!! If I try to enlarge the type or search for an article I am repeatedly bounced out of the magazine and have to start over. It has become a very difficult and frustrating experience to read any of your publications on-line as a result. You should try it sometime! This shouldn’t be so difficult— I’ve been reading newspapers and other publications online for years and it’s all very smooth and simple. For an organization that is as into new technologies large and small as yours obviously is, it’s baffling that you haven’t solved this irritating problem. Please tell me you’re working on this!!

  12. As a subscriber to Classic Trains I feel I should have access to the Newswire. I just cancelled my 60+ year subscription to Trains and am cancelling my free trial of If you’re going to charge subscribers for access to digital sites, you might as well end the paper magazine altogether – or is that the plan??

  13. I guess I have no reason to sign in to any more. Wait – I get all kinds of nice photos covered by requests to join this or that. I guess I will just read the HARD COPY magazine like the olden days of the 1970’s, 1980’s, 90’s and 2000’s. By the way, do not send me any more marketing stuff, or I will just plain unsubscribe. I think that Trains is intending to drive away us old timers, and only serve thge button pushing crowd….. By the way, why do you not offer a cheaper alternative for buying the magazine only!!!!!!! without access to

  14. The new “format” for Trains news is TERRIBLE……HORRIBLE…..why are you not addressing these complaints??? EVERYONE does NOT like this new format…..very difficult to pick out the stories we want to follow. PLEASE revert back to the old webpage format. LISTEN TO YOUR READERS…….WE PAY YOUR BILLS!!!!!

  15. I was in Glenwood Springs this week and saw the Rocky Mountaineer come back from Moab to Denver. While I was just admiring the train (go gold class if you go as the windows are much better to see the scenery). I had the chance to speak with the owner of the railroad. Really nice nice guy (I do not know his name!) What a first class operation. We discussed the $$ hit he took last year and said 2021 would be tough as well although things are looking up. I told him how I would really like to ride the train and he said he would sell me a ticket. Now that is a sales guy! Since I had just arrived the previous day I could not accept unless he would let me ride in the cab with the UP engineer. Well that was not possible, but it was worth asking. My fathers day wish for next year is for my boys to buy me the trip. 1st class all the way in my humble eyes. I have taken the DRGW and Amtrak train form Denver to GSW and it is spectacular, do it once and you will not be disappointed. Sorry for rambling!

  16. And your support links just tell me that my subscription is paid up until 3/2022. They don’t ever take me to a place to leave a message for the support people about the paywall issue.

  17. Your paywall is blocking me again on Newswire even though I am a subscriber and signed in. This happens periodically and is very annoying.

  18. You people are gonna dick around and lose me. I subscribe to Trains and Classic Trains. I will not pay about 80 bucks additional to see a web cam every so often. I will not subscribe to unlimited. Bad idea.

  19. i have noticed zero Q and A in the back of the magazines now but tons of posts with Q and A. is this the thing now? it was always my favorite part of the magazine and i have been a subscriber for years. answer this for me so i can decide to renew or not. thanks!!!

  20. The new website? Obtuse, complicated, incomplete. There’s no easy navigation between pages. Many Kalmbach products—the most egregious for me is Finescale Modeler—are excluded. Subscribing to the website would be, for me, an exercise in frustration that additionally requires that I pay twice for access—first for a magazine subscription then monthly for website services. At this point, I’m not interested.

    I gather that the reception for the website has been less than positive. Did you Beta-test it? Did you run trials? Did you seek the input of readers and customers? It just isn’t very good.

    I’ve been a reader of “Trains” and “MR” since 1959 and an occasional photo contributor as well. I’m not pleased with the direction taken by the company.

    Ivan Abrams
    Tucson, AZ

  21. What a wonderful article on Pullman, The American Red Cross and World War I. It was a 100% effort at the time, and seems little or no politics were involved, just let’s get the job done. The article shows what a lousy political climate we live in today where half the country, including politicians, refuse to help with anything, no matter how good, that might make the guy in office, that they don’t like, look good. How awful. I have to wonder just how many lives that might have cost.

  22. I have tried to be patient. I have been a Trains reader and Subscriber for 45 years. I currently subscribe to Trains and Classic Trains. I am websavy as a 57 year old. I have NEVER been so frustrated with a web experience as the new “enhanced” I don’t think it’s salvageable. Please scrap this abomination, fire your IT consultant and start over. It is literally that bad. It a an embarrassment to the legacy of David P Morgan. I’m sorry but I’ve always prized the bluntness of the Trains Editors. This is terrible.

  23. I have tried to be patient. I have been a Trains reader and Subscriber for 45 years. I currently subscribe to Trains and Classic Trains. I am websavy as a 57 year old. I have NEVER been so frustrated with a web experience as the new “enhanced” I don’t thin it’s salvageable. Please scrap this abomination, fire your IT consultant and start over. It is literally that bad. It a an embarrassment to the legacy of David P Morgan. I’m sorry but I’ve always prized the bluntness of the Trains Editors. This is terrible.

  24. To whom it may concern, I have been a long time subscriber of Trains and the news letter. I still love Trains and love the information in it.
    How ever I have to tell you I don’t like the new format of the news letter, It should be kept the way it was I don’t want to have to look for it. I know this is more likely a marketing plan. This will probably not going to change anything, but felt I had to tell you.
    Dennis Ewing

  25. I signed up for the D&S 493 and SP 18 excursion on September 2 and 3rd. Is there a more complete itinerary than was was in the Trains Newswire? I would like to know so I can make my travel plans. It sounds like we will overnight in Silverton on the 2nd. I assume there will be overnight parking available in Durango that night for us that are driving.

  26. Why can’t I simply click on the website to read the current (and all past) issues in full? I am a print and digital subscriber so I believe I should have full access to everything in whatever format I choose.

    Are you trying to get me to cancel the remaining 20 mos. on my subscription?

  27. Why can’t you simply send out a daily email with a link to the latest newswire? You make accessing content so difficult that I’ll stick with Trainorders and facebook going forward. The print magazine content is hardly worth reading. David P. Morgan would be rolling over in his grave. I have to say that I am truly sorry I re-subscribed to Trains after letting my subscription lapse for 2 months.

  28. Since it appears that nobody at reads these comments or cares to answer or offer help, let’s take a different approach. HELLO ADVERTISERS – We are NOT reading or seeing your advertisements on these sites; so you are wasting your money! If enough of you cancel your advertisements, perhaps some help will be offered.

  29. Am I the only subscriber getting the “you have reached your monthly limit of 8 articles” message on New Wire? I’m beginning to think that this issue is by design, to “encourage” subscribers to upgrade to Trains Unlimited. If others are experiencing this same issue, please leave a comment.

  30. I dont like your new look at all. hard to navigate. I don’t have time to look everyday. (being a railroader). impossible to find older news. only get to look at 8 things a month, my email and password no longer work and I can’t find a human to fix it. in a nut shell, the new look sucks.

  31. Please go back to Zinio. It is formatted for the actually viewing and reading magazines, easily! As a multi-decade subscriber to Trains, Classic Trains (From first issue) and MRR, and also a multi-year subscriber to MRR Video Plus, I am very disappointed with the New, mish-mash of confusion that you have created. When I “upgraded” to add digital, I chose to still receive my paper copies, but also like to read via Zinio while traveling, until now. First of all, wading down page to locate what I want to read, is not user friendly at all, and secondly it simply does not format for full page reading as Zinio does, and in fact is basically useless.
    In summary, I do not like what you have done here! Please repair and simplify, as this is completely unacceptable!

  32. Yet another fail. I’m a subscriber to Trains Magazine. Why, when I’m signed in, am I getting a “You have reached your monthly limit of 8 articles” message? Are you really trying to discourage me from renewing? If so, you’re doing a fine job thus far.

  33. Anatomy of a freight train is one of the most interesting and informative articles ever. Fascinating to lookup the customer’s and understand the interchange points.

    Q: what determines where the interchange occurs?

    Cars 8, 10, and 11 get interchanged to UP in AZ or Nevada, while several other cars heading to AZ or NV get handed to UP in Albine, OR, why?

  34. Very poor subscriber communication. My digital edition May Trains magazine (paid until 2022) did not appear on the Zinio platform. Now I learn that both Classic Trains and Trains are no longer to be provided there but on your own internal web site? Which appears to not yet be ready for prime time? I understand your need to reduce costs, but for those of us who pay the bills, a little courtesy would be appreciated.

  35. FYI. There is an error in the current June 2021 issue of TRAINS in the text under the picture that accompanied the article on page 7 concerning “Amtrak asks STB to intervene on Gulf Coast”. The text states “Bay St. Louis, MS, well-wishers wave farewell to Amtrak’s Gulf Coast inspection train on Feb. 18, 2016 as it heads west toward Mobile, AL”. Bay St. Louis, MS is between New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL.
    Mobile, AL is east of Bay St. Louis, MS and New Orleans, LA is west of Bay St. Louis, MS, therefore the Amtrak inspection train would be headed east as it heads toward Mobile, AL.

  36. What the heck is going on with this dam web site? It’s been screwed up since day one! I have a subscriber for more than 30 years it says that I am signed in but I have reached my limit of 8 news articles a month. Go back to the old site! Seams there trying to push everyone to there so called unlimited web site so they can charge there subscribers more. An when you send them a E mail all you hear from them is a stupid form letter telling to clean out your cookies an reset your computer. I guess them don’t care about the people that have been with them for years.

  37. If you’re going to send me a newsletter, DON’T PUT ARTICLES IN IT THAT I CAN ONLY ACCESS WITH YOUR NEW “PAY MORE FULL ACCESS”. Don’t dangle stuff in front of me I can’t see. Either make everything accessible or just don’t do the articles you want people to pay more for!!!! And don’t put those behind-the-paywall articles in the Newswire, either. I get it, you want people to pay more for more articles, but don’t bait-and-switch by showing the article title and then saying “Gotta ante up to see this one!”

  38. Agree with most of these comments above. New format is a failure. I am a long time Trains subscriber and I am disappointed with the “Upgrade.” I have not seen any positive reviews yet. Have you?

  39. A look at the advertising for seems to point at a lack of rail vocabulary. Reference the Rachelle rail camera, “Access to live streams from an active train yard in Rochelle, IL.” Should it be train yard or rail yard? Might be a regional terminology thing. In either case the camera covers a grade level crossing with no yard in sight.

  40. Great, eight new articles on news wire and I can’t access any of them. Sure glad I subscribe to Progressive Railroading so I can get information about railroads

  41. 52 comments over two months and not one of them complimentary. Also, no indication that anyone on the staff has read them. These are hard times for monthly publications, based on the previous comments it seems possible your bottom line may suffer by pushing down readers throats.

  42. Please go back to using Zinio!! The new viewing system is terrible … very slow, will not show pictures in articles, skews and warps the view when try to change pages, and, in general, totally inferior to Zinio!!! CHANGE NOW!!

  43. Help I am a long time reader and can’t sign in! This new format is terrible, never had a problem before, I put my info in numerous times to no avail, Please HELP!!!

  44. The new format for the website is very frustrating. It is way too hard to navigate. For example, how do I get to the previous day’s newswire stories?

  45. Just thought that you should know that since access to the Rochelle webcam is now an additional cost (which I simply refuse to pay) and no longer included with my Trains subscription I now spend about 75% LESS time on the trains website. Rather disingenuous on your part, imho.

  46. Just catching up on some back issues… very much enjoying this until I find something unacceptable to me; an inability to keep one’s views on religion/politics firmly under wraps!

    Page 29 in the October 2020 magazine talks of ‘the handiwork of God’ while discussing UP trains in Rainbow Canyon, NV. There should be no place in the magazine for this type of presumptive comment. It is a significant error of judgement that I feel very strongly about – strongly enough to make me question future subscriptions.

  47. Dear Trains,
    The new set up is terrible. Half the time, I don’t even get to read one article, let alone eight.
    No use signing up for newsletters. Less frustrating to just wait for the magazine.
    Dennis Schardt

  48. On top of that, you send me a weekly newsletter, then when I try to read an article on April 6, you tell me I’ve reached my limit. Didn’t you send me the newsletter for me to read? I agree with all the other comments about the news wire layout; harder to read and not as current.

  49. When I click on a news item it says “you have used up yopur eight stories this
    month. How can that be its april 6!
    This is a terrible website. It smacks of wanting to boost revenue, even though I
    subscribe to Trains, Model railroader and clasic Trains youwant me to pay to read the NEWSWIRE, I dont think so.

  50. I’m wondering why Ashland is shown in two locations on the map accompanying the article about Watco acquiring more lines in Wisconsin. Ashland is shown where it could be, on Lake Superior, but the junction of MILW and SOO north of Wausau also bears that designation. Might that have been Heafford Junction?

  51. I just spent 25 minutes looking for the stories on Wisconsin shortlines and the Taiwan accident. Didn’t get into either of them. Moving all the news to your website and making TRAINS into a picture magazine is a mistake I can’t deal with. I’ve been buying TRAINS since 1958 and loving it. I guess I’ll get my industry news from R&R.

  52. Bring Back, Bring Back, Please Bring Back the Rochelle Railcam to me.

    Paul aka “The Acella Fella”

  53. I have read all of the 40 replies that have been posted and I agree with all of them.
    Even the government sends up a trail balloon to gather public reaction before casking a policy into law. Sorry, I don’t like the new format at all.

  54. As a long time subscriber I agree whole heartedly with the others. David Jones hit the nail on the head for me. I subscribe to Trains and Classic Trains, so when I see “you’ve reached your 8 article limit” while reading news wire I can take the hint, my money isn’t needed here. Kiss my subscriptions good by.

  55. Agree wholeheartedly with several of the above posts. I’m a subscriber and am locked out of the site because of my “8 article limit.” What’s up with that? Are we being strong-armed into a mandatory payment “membership” for something we formerly received at no cost along with our subscription??

  56. OK folks, here on 3/30/21 I’m signed in and told I’ve reached my 8 free article limit. I’m paying for the subscription–why am I locked out? Also, your very poor format doesn’t work well on an iPad. And pls turn off the digital subscription item that covers the opening page… Why not go back to what we had and what we liked?

  57. The new reading system doesn’t work!!!!! I can’t view the images in high resolution as we could in ZINIO. The image says it is in PNG, but doesn’t appear in the browser. The paging and resolution change are very slow!! This is not a change for the better. PLEASE GO BACK TO ZINIO!!! …. or at least give us the option to select how we want to view the magazine! ZINIO works … your version doesn’t!!

  58. On the trains news wire page, it is not helpful that the Digest items only show one of the items included in the digest. A user has to go to each digest page to see the other two items. Please either add all the items in the box on the main newswire page or just have no more digests.

  59. I am not happy with this new set up, there is far too much faffing about to get to what I want to read which is my Trains magazine, I liked the set up with ZINIO , magazines could be downloaded onto iphone and kept. Downloading now under this new nonsense does not work on my iphone. I don’t like the continued “ free trial “ banner at every turn , I guess you want to make more money but this is really putting me off. I’ve subscribed to Trains since 1990, and moved 6 years ago to digital version as the postage costs got far too high to continue with the paper copy to the UK.
    If you don’t sort this rubbish out and make it easier to access trains without going through loads of stuff to get there I will be cancelling my subscription on next renewal.
    What a backward step for a company to make, will you use an iOS App which might make things simpler?? Who you can say you are “excited “ with your new web page beats me. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT ASAP WE ARE IN 2021 NOT 2000

  60. I am a Trains subscriber and I agree with all the above comments. The new format is terrible. Now with the new design, I can’t get to any Newswire stories except my 8-10 “free” views. Has Kalmbach cancelled the “free” Newswire subscription for magazine subscribers? When I click on “Sign In,” nothing happens. Come on Jim, take charge and fix this. Go back to the old format, which worked fine. I’m a fellow North Carolinian and I know you can do it. I love Trains magazine, even with the current reduced page count (from 76 down to 60) due to less advertising. You have great stories and columnists. Please go back to the “old” Newswire format, before you loose any more subscribers and the magazine page content falls even more. Richard Taylor, Ocracoke, NC.

  61. Your new layout is obnoxious!!!, I am ready to QUIT!

    I have been a subscriber for over 40 years and I am insulted with
    “You have used your limit of free…..”. Go back to the former news format or I will be quitting. I am also insulted with all the commercialism. It’s nothing but “send money”.

    Bill McDonald

  62. Not at all happy with the new format, used to love getting the Trains wire every week. Now even though I sign in I can only have a limited number of views? I subscribe to both Trains and Classic Trains and now you want more money!! Probably won’t be renewing either subscription.

  63. Hay guys what gives, when I sign in and go to the site that says sign out I click on sigh out and I don’s get signed out, I’ve tried five or six times and no sigh out.

  64. Jim & co.: One word for the new newswire format: SUCKS!

    Way too much redundancy – lots of wasted screen space – illogical order. Beginning to think I get more value out of facebook group posts than from your web site. FWIW I’m a fan of real trains, not the scale stuff (so that’s just a waste of my time). And the newsletter is of low value as well, now that it comes once for every 10-20 ad emails, each for some book I don’t want. Tell Kalmbach to keep their non-Trainsmag stuff!

  65. I have been a subscriber for a long time and was born the first month of TRAINS Magazine publication. I was hoping that TRAINS would be the last magazine subscription that I would cancel but content quality has been running down.
    I am hoping to soon see Trains Newswire reverting back to the conventional format (in dated order).
    Save the pretty tile format for non-rail people. I am interested in following the railroad industry. Ed Neale

  66. Your new format is TERRIBLE. Doesn’t work on iPad in vertical format and barely works in horizontal. Tough to impossible finding recent news wire articles or any other recent news on other sites. It is so bad as to be almost useless.

    Didn’t you sandbox this with users outside of your organization prior to implementing? I understanding co-branding but in this instance they all seem to be bad.

    VERY below par from what has been expected from Kalmbach over the years

  67. Please turn off the digital subscription red box that hogs the entire opening page. I’m a digital subscriber already. The « remember me » setting doesn’t work for me. I have to sign in every time. Why? Pls fix this. The tiles format is impossible to read. The whole experience is very unpleasant and your presentation is poorly thought through.

  68. My son “hates” reading and these were finally, the only magazines, he would eagerly read and asked for them. With the new changes, i will no longer be renewing. Who wants to tell my son?

  69. One more observation:
    Rather than a blank “+” symbol by comments, there should be a flag or bubble indicating that there are comments. I shouldn’t have to click the link each time just to see if there are any comments.


  70. As a lifetime reader of Trains Magazine, I’ve also been a daily reader of News Wire since a deployment to Iraq over a dozen years ago.

    The newest upgrade makes it hard to read from article to article. There should be some type of line by line listing, or “previous”/ “next” links, rather than the tiles.

    The old structure was just fine for me; the previous setup also worked just fine. I’m not sure what needed fixing for News Wire…

    (I note that during the last “upgrade” of News Wire, you also had to make changes–at that time it was to segregate the different days of news from an undelineated list).

    1. I agree that the “upgraded” News Wire is terrible and difficult to navigate. Bring back the old format!

  71. Have not received a trains magazine in months even though I have a subscription. How do I get this straightened out?

    This website doesn’t seem to have any way to ask about this and no phone number provided.


  72. Why change the Newswire format? Why can’t anyone anywhere just leave things alone? The old format was clear, concise, easy to navigate. The new one is cumbersome, bloated and occupies entirely too much screen space. None of us can find things anymore. What used to be something to look forward to has now become something to avoid.

  73. I liked receiving the News Wire bulletin once each week that allowed me to go back day-by- day to see article that I wished to access. I do not want to be bombarded with daily e-mails, as i do not not have the time or desire to check daily. The new system does not seem to allow me to search all of the articles of the previous week. Is there any way that this can be one? And I do not wish to receive mails from/about other publications. I fully agree with the comments above about the serious deficiencies of the new online structure. It does not serve the needs of your subscribers and online viewers. I am NOT one who is simply stuck in the past. You should, however, consider the needs of your customer base, which I don’t think you have done. How about doing a survey ?

  74. I’m sorry, but I think your new system sucks. First of all, if I wanted news from your other publications, I would have subscribed. Second. I liked having news on trains in chronilogical order, it enabled me to look at every days news stories as they were posted. Please disregard the advice you are getting from your fertile brains in the IT department that are always trying to find other ways to do things! Change is not always better.

  75. What you have done here is inexplicable, inexcusable, and pure junk.

    My proofreading is as bad as News Wire. My bad!

    Good to see other commenters remind the Trains bosses that their mag is not cheap. Don’t expect us to now pay more for the basic online element.

  76. If the power donkeys at Kalmbach can’t tell how poorly conceived, and perceived, the new digital site is, then their business acumen is no doubt poor. A few concerns, the newswire the blogs, the Rochelle webcam–sheesh, what the heck happened???, aside from being challenging to locate things which used to be easy on the old site. Also, the content of Trains magazine has been in a downward spiral, no longer worth a subscription. Classic Trains magazine can hopefully escape the decline that Trains magazine has been experiencing, but I have little confidence in that. I pay almost $90/yr for the two, and this 30-plus year subscriber is contemplating dropping them, the value is NOT there anymore! And now Kalmbach has the gall to ask for more for all access. Count me out–just wondering, does anyone @Kalmbach have business management and customer retention skills?

  77. Well, Mssrs. Wrinn and Danneman…let’s see…do you detect a common theme here and on every other comment thread?

    Seems to be all around agreement you have screwed the pooch, so to speak. Dope slaps all around, and then…

    Please simply go back to the previous web design entirely, and do so immediately.

    What you done here is inexplicable, inexcusable, and pure junk.

  78. Apparently no focus groups or beta testing of the new website. Sorry, you missed the mark. Where are the blogs? Add a comment at the very bottom of the page? This was very poorly conceived. Was looking for a refresh and you’ve gone seriously backwards. Got my first issue of Trains as a kid in 1967… really been downhill in the past decade.

  79. I AM NOT going to pay $90.00 per year for a digital subscription!!! Whoever sold you people on the lame idea should probably be looking for other employment.

    Have you forgotten that we are now in year 2 of the covid pandemic and there are still many Americans who are out of work?

    And the sight itself, meh! You took a logical, first to last list and replaced it tiles that I have to read left to right. And then there is my pet peeve…I PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION to Classic Trains…FULL ACCESS to newswire should come with that subscription.

    I, like others who have chosen to speak out, will be reevaluating whether or not my subscription to Classic Train is really something I need to continue when it expires.


  80. I have subscribed to Trains magazine for 51 years. The same for both of my brothers. We don’t need fancy gadgets and all the bells and whistles. We want and need content. The next thing on your agenda will be only a online version. I can’t express in the language that is acceptable to say how I really feel. Sports Illustrated is a joke today, and sadly Trains Magazine has derailed itself.
    John St John
    PS my subscription ends January 2022 and I’m done.

  81. Whoever designed this unreadable mess (with broken links, BTW) should seek a new career.
    Think they could flip a burger without dropping it?

  82. I have been a subscriber of Trains for over 50 years, and as you can guess I am far from being a computer geek. Why the change? Why make things harder than they need to be? Why make so many of your subscribers unhappy? Who is responsible for this nonsense?

    Richard Dickie

  83. What the HELL happened to the Trains Newswire? I have been a TRAINS subscriber for decades and now I can no longer see the daily newswire. What gives?
    John Howell

  84. Used to enjoy viewing the trains at Rochelle and now am barred from that feature.
    After dropping my subscripton I buy Trains at newstands only after previewing the contents. Too often in the past the received by-mail magazine went straight to recycling as the articles were uninteresting.
    Keep in mind that I buy other Kalmbach books.
    Mr. Caldwell is spot on with his comments. Cardinal Rule – always think of your audience.
    Andrew Tait

  85. If this is the “new, highly touted” website, PLEASE let me have the old one back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your server speed is slow, the webcam needs a magnifying glass to see, the news wire was at least readable on the old site………………….

  86. Been a subscriber for north of forty years. If you expect me to PAY for access to the Rochelle webcam you can kiss any future renewals goodbye! This is absolutely disingenuous.

  87. I am currently a subsciber to Trains Magazine and Classic Trains.I like to view the Rochelle,IL webcam,to watch the daily action.Apparently I no longer have access to this cam. have been a subscriber to Trains most years since 1987,and Classic Trains since its debut.Consider my subscriptions at an end,as they expire,I will NOT be renewing.


  88. I agree with Kevin D above and the others before him; as a Trains subscriber, all I want is easy daily access to railroading news, and you seem to be daily making it harder to get that (it’s currently impossible, I think). I am frustrated!

  89. I’m with Thomas! As a professional computer geek, I know that “tiles” are all the rage. They just don’t work for the New Wire! You did an upgrade that actually made the New Wire harder and much slower to use! Go back! This is not better!

  90. The UI/UX of this new layout is something to be desired. In the previous version of News Wire users we able to quickly move to the next story or previous story without leaving the current story by a simple click for each. Please add the simple navigation to your new scheme.

    1. New format is obnoxious. It is added insult that I am “treated” to “ you have no more free…..”. I’ve been a subscriber for over 40 years. This is beyond the pale. Are you people truly incompetent? And all the commercial trash content that must be waded through is untenable. I will never buy any of that stuff just out of spite it makes me so angry. I can not tell you how much I hate it. My next move will be to go back to Railway Age and cancel Trains. I am very close to it.

    2. John, I think the times are Zule not sure why the trains staff has moved to London but maybe that is why they are so out of touch with their readership and why selling everything is their top priority. I’m with William below. I’ve subscribed to MR and Trains for at least 50 years and now Classic Trains for several years. I get more than a little PO’ed when I get a page that says “subscribe for full access” and I am signed in according to the top of the page. News wire is designed for subscribers to trains and should be available to same. I am a train fan and reed for pleasure. Not sure how professionals who subscribe to THE MAGAZINE OF RAILROADING feel about this treatment.

    3. Rail industry workers and professionals DO NOT subscribe to ANY of this 3 month old content. You want Rail industry news, sign up for Progressive Railroading Mag.

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