News & Reviews News Wire News photos: Amtrak ‘Midnight Blue’ unit debuts

News photos: Amtrak ‘Midnight Blue’ unit debuts

By Bob Johnston | April 26, 2021

One-of-a-kind design is among paint schemes to mark Amtrak's 50th anniversary

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Dark blue locomotive
Amtrak’s “Midnight Blue” anniversary locomotive arrived in Chicago on Monday. (Bob Johnston)
Amtrak train with dark blue engine as second locomotive
The “Midnight Blue” locomotive arrived as the second unit in Monday’s Cardinal. (Bob Johnston)

Tucked in behind P42 No 138 leading the westbound Cardinal, Amtrak P42 No 100 rolled into Chicago on Monday, fresh from repainting into the one-of-a-kind “Midnight Blue” color scheme [see “Behind Amtrak’s new locomotive designs,” Trains News Wire, March 18]. The two locomotives, baggage car, Superliner sleeping car, coach, and coach-baggage, fresh from refurbishing at Amtrak’s Beech Grove Heavy Maintenance Facility, were added to the front of the Cardinal’s locomotive and six cars when it stopped at Indianapolis. Seen here on the Lumber Street wye south of Union Station, before the consist backed through the washer into the Chicago coach yard, the 5oth Anniversary locomotive is ready for its next revenue service assignment.

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