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Build a quarry branch

By | November 20, 2012

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Winter Hill 1
Winter Hill 1
Model Railroader’s HO scale Winter Hill project layout

Model Railroader‘s 2013 project layout is located on our HO scale club layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy. It’s a 2 x 12-foot scene with many interesting aspects including making the quarry pit for Larson Stone Co. extend into the aisle.

Registered users can click the following links to download the first video and the desktop wallpaper. Model Railroader subscribers can download the track plan and watch the multi-part video series on building the layout from start to finish.

22 thoughts on “Build a quarry branch

  1. This is a magnificent layout and branch line built by the best people in the model railroading industry. When I see the tail track of the run around was it designed to allow two full size 6 axel engines to bring in cars even though one would assume either one or two four axel engines would bring the cars in from Bay Jct.
    The video opening shows a single Winconsin Southern GP38-2 shoving cars under Larson's Quarry, while on other static photos we see two switchers on a cut of cars. How many engines are assigned the branch or are two thee just for "staging" a static shot? And, are these engines routinely switched out from Port Marquette Yard or just placed there by way of the old "0-5-0" hand switcher? Thank you team ! Magnificent job well done again !

  2. The quarry looks great with the longer rock face. I also like the addition of the road coming up from below. Using the flexible foam rock was a great idea, too! I would love to see this up close sometime. I am sure I could use some of the techniques for my own layout.

  3. Always look forward to the annual project layout and the information it provides. Makes one feel a part of the project as it develops. Keep up the good work!

  4. I never thought of an open structure on my layout. I figured that having an industry on the operator's side of the tracks would make car placement difficult, but not with two open doors showing through to the other side. Great job! One customer on my layout is a newspaper company that recieves newsprint materials in boxcars and has two car spots. Using this open structure technique will not only be visually interesting, but eliminate the problem of the operator not being able to see if the car is place properly. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Another great addition to your railroad. I love the switching opportunities this provides in a small space. I noticed one mistake. The tractor trailer is backed into the warehouse, but there is no door for it to load/unload thru.

  6. I have a collection of MR going back to the mid fifties when I got into the hobby. I long for those days when the magazine carried more articles on scratch building of structures and rolling stock with craftsman like John Allen, Jack Work, Al Armitage etc. There seems to be more emphasis on high tech now and less on modeling talents.

  7. It is good to see the layout and watch the explaination of what is being done to it. The fact that you are willing to tear out an exhisting portion of the layout to make improvements is important. That is another way we can enjoy the hobby. Those of us who have loyouts that appear complete should be open to the idea of making changes.

  8. The trucks backed up to the wall of the shingle plant and no loading door is trucking industry standard to prevent theft of loaded products. The trucks are backed up to each other or to a wall, which prevents the doors from being opened and the load being pilfered. Just proves that MR knows more than railroading.

  9. Sure inspires me! I'm presently expanding my little switching layout from 14 feet to about 20 feet in length. This gives me some ideas for some prospective industries as well as for the track plan for this extension.

  10. I noticed that there is a dock /warehouse adjacent to the quarry which I will construct similarly, however I do plan to include a dock plate and rollup dock door. (Facilitates deliveries and shipments. Apologies if I missed them. )
    I also need information on procuring N scale heavy quarry equipment. Thankyou

  11. Its nice to have all of these scenery tips today that makes it so much easeir to do scenery now. I can only imagine how hard it was years ago trying to make scenery lifelike. You guys are the best. Thank you.

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