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By | November 20, 2015

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7 thoughts on “Ask Trains

  1. Did you rush this website into existence before it was ready or did you just plan a really bed website? I was also disappointed with having to pay for a years subscription instead of a month to month charge. I for one will be cancelling my subscription before the trial period ends

  2. I have been a subscriber to MRVP since the beginning. I thought that my Model Railroader VP subscription would allow me access to the new Trains Website, including the latest video postings. I still get emails and updates, but I cannot access the latest Gerry Leone video. It says that I am “signed-in”, but no link to this video. All I get is a free 30-day trial option. The new Website is not working well for me so far.

  3. I also have found the “NEW” website less than friendly. I am unable to read most of the articles and get in this endless loop for signing up for the “additional items” for an additional charge! I’m not really sure what I subscribe to anymore. I’m 80 and starting all over again with the hobby but it’s more confusing than it should be. I don’t even know how to ask a question or to whom?

  4. Are all the videos from MRVP available on the trains website if you subscribe to the unlimited subscription? Specifically, today, I was looking for the 3 part series that Gerry Leone did on JMRI operations, but can’t find it. I started the trail full membership and am willing to pay the first year subscription to give a chance, but so far I have to say, I’m disappointed. It is very hard to find content that I know is out there, but just can’t locate by the search window, nor by browsing. I loved MRVP and have been a subscriber almost from the beginning. Hopefully, will improve over the next year.

  5. I am very, very disappointed about the new website, althought I have a full subscription. I’m totally NOT interested in topics like Garden Railroads, Classic Trains or Classic Toy Trains. I cann’t find any new topics regarding Ask MRVP the new series of Gerry Leone or any other formerly MRVP-topics. I looked every where on the website, but I only see very old topics that I already know. As member from the Netherlands I’m specially interested in technics about designing and building a modelrailroad, DCC-topics and specials about scenery. When do we get new items every week as on MRVP?
    Don Arnoldus, Netherlands

  6. Hello, is there a track list available for the Indiana & Aurora RR layout? I would like to build my first layout and that plan looks really interesting! I see the map, but I’m not sure what track is needed. Thank you for any help that you can give me!

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