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Interested in model trains? We are too. Model Railroader magazine has been the industry-leading model train magazine since 1934.

The Magazine

Each month, Model Railroader features step-by-step modeling and construction projects, fascinating photo tours of model train layouts, insightful reviews, how-to tips from the experts, and much more!

* Layout tours – Each layout story features a detailed track plan, and behind-the-scenes modeling and construction tips. Many stories include extra features available only on our Web site, and don’t forget to browse our on-line database of hundreds of layout track plans that were previously published in the pages of our magazine.

* How-to projects – Whether it’s building a mountain, wiring track feeders, or adding brake details to a freight car, our how-to articles cover all popular scales and include all the things you need to complete your project including detailed parts lists, illustrations, photographs, and helpful techniques to make your project a success.

* Prototype information – We help you build and operate your models and layout like the real thing. We take great pride in the accuracy of the technical drawings of prototype locomotives, equipment, and structures we feature in the magazine. We also provide detailed historical and technical information on how real railroads function.

Every month you’ll find these regular departments:

* Workshop – Helpful modeling and operating tips, plus answers your questions.

* Step-by-Step – Tackles a different project each month to help you build a better layout.

* Information Desk – Learn about the prototype (real railroads) to help you be a better modeler.

* DCC Corner – Get to know model train operation using Digital Command Control.

* Trackside Photos – Inspirational photos featuring the work of fellow hobbyists.

* Trains of Thought – Every month model railroad expert Tony Koester looks at the philosophical side of model railroading.

Our news coverage includes:

* Product reviews – A look at the newest models on the market and how well they perform. Subscribers can access hundreds of previously written reviews by using our on-line product-review database, write their own reviews and read other hobbyist-written reviews, and watch videos of new trains in action on our staff layout.

* New product announcements – Provides manufacturer listings of new models and includes details about the product, suggested price, availability, and contact information. Products announcements are updated weekly on our Web site and subscribers can watch our regular new products/modeling tips video show hosted by staff member Cody Grivno.

* Industry news – The latest information about events in the model railroad industry can be found in the pages of our magazine and also on-line.

* Weekly e-newsletter – Model Railroader publishes a weekly hobby e-mail newsletter as well. You can register on our Web site to receive it for free.

And if you are looking for additional help in a specialized area, we feature annual magazines, download story packages, and a variety of books on model railroading, including:

Model Railroader's 80th anniversary issue, January 2014
Model Railroader's 80th anniversary issue, January 2014
Model Railroader's 1st issue: January, 1934
Model Railroader's 1st issue: January, 1934

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* Information Station, a resource section of our Web site that bundles together themed stories from the pages of Model Railroader in convenient, downloadable PDF form. The dozens of how-to topics covered by Information Station range from using Digital Command Control, to track plan drawings, to specialty modeling in areas such as logging railroads. Some topics are covered in our Video PDF series, which includes video as well as text how-to information in a single computer file.

* Great Model Railroads, an annual magazine that features the work of the outstanding modelers in the hobby. If you are in need of a little inspiration, a look at a few of these dream layouts will help you get started.

* Model Railroad Planning, another annual magazine, features great track plans, planning tips, design tips, and advice on building a model railroad that operates like a real railroad.

* Model Railroader magazine’s on-line forum, with tens
of thousands of questions and answers for beginners, intermediate hobbyists, and experts.

* Books from Model Railroader can also be helpful in your modeling, with topics ranging from prototype information, to weather locomotives, to track planning guides.