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Winter on the Rails

By | December 22, 2017

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In the depths of winter, train-watching can take on a whole new dimension, while railroad operations become more complicated. In this five-part series, we take you from the freezing temperatures of Alaska, to the Canadian tundra, to Wisconsin’s snowy terrain, with stories of how railroaders and rail fans have braved the elements.

This free download features:

  • Fifty Below at North Pole, where Alaska’s sub-zero temperatures and knee-deep snow can make train-watching a treacherous activity
  • Railroading to the Arctic, a story about Canada’s Hudson Bay railway and its extraordinary personas
  • The Part of Railroading I Could do Without, about a difficult winter trip on Milwaukee Road’s Southwester, where snowdrifts cause problems for vulnerable locomotives
  • Train vs. Snowmobile, the story of how crews pulled an iced Alco locomotive back from the brink of a cliff after hard-packed snow lifted the unit off the rails
  • Sentimental Railroad, the history of the Baltimore & Ohio’s holiday holly tree

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10 thoughts on “Winter on the Rails

  1. Great stories. Gives me insight to what railroading is in the extreme cold weather, but also makes you want to go check these places out. Thanks for the articles.

  2. Great article Mark. You and CN did a good job of keeping that part of the railroad going. Very sad to see what it has become.

  3. In the December issue, there is a promo for the Wrecks2 special. It said to go to the web site, but no where on the web site do you have the Wrecks2 mentioned. I’d like to purchase one copy, hardcover and how much is it?

  4. One of the best set of articles i’ve read. Thanks for putting this on, my trip to the north pole will be on a passenger train!

  5. Can this magazine get any better? Ive been buying hardcopies for years, but now subscribe to digital issues and loving them, and then to top it off, a couple of free articles.
    Thank you from Downunder

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