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News photo: First revenue run for new Amtrak cars

By | February 1, 2022

Venture equipment makes debut on Chicago-St. Louis train

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Passenger train rounds curve
Passenger train rounds curve
New Siemens-built Venture cars head south through Joliet, Ill., on their first revenue run in Amtrak Midwest Service on Tuesday, Feb. 1. The cars were on Chicago-St. Louis Lincoln Service train No. 303. (Trains: David Lassen)

JOLIET, Ill. — More than a year after making their first test runs, the Siemens Venture equipment built for state-supported Amtrak service in the Midwest made their first revenue trip Tuesday morning on Lincoln Service train No. 303 from Chicago to St. Louis. The equipment is scheduled to return this evening on train No. 306, departing St. Louis at 5:40 p.m. and returning to Chicago at 11:05 p.m.

The first cars in the Midwest portion of the order, which also includes equipment for California, were delivered in August 2020 [see “Digest: First cars in IDOT order …,” Trains News Wire, Aug. 31, 2020]. They began testing in January 2021.

Watch Trains News Wire for more information on the new equipment.

11 thoughts on “News photo: First revenue run for new Amtrak cars

  1. Agree with Jack. Unfortunately, they look dirtier than the Amfleet car included. Do folks think it is just the lighting? Also any idea why the amfleet car is included? My only thought is that it is included for food service. Hope Amtrak got some Venture food service cars.

  2. Wikipedia states that the Midwest did buy cafe cars; seating capacity per trainset based on maximums per car appearts to be 246 California is using vending machines– ala SP food automat cars– but have much greater seating capacity– estimated at 460. Not clear regarding Amtrak’s purchase. VIA rail per info in Wikipedia article will have maximum of 314 seats but info on food service options is missing.

  3. It is a shame the Amfleet car is in there, it would be nice to see how well the roof line of the cars aligns with the roofline of the loco.

    1. I won’t miss the unhealthy sight of Amfleet and Horizon mixed on the Chicago corridors, said to be necessity in the snow.

  4. As noted in another article, the Amfleet cafe car was added because of a last minute issue with the new Venture cafe cars that Illinois and Siemens were working out.

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