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The Survivors

By | November 1, 2018

Find out what the Paducah & Louisville Railway, the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, the Indiana Railroad, the Iowa Interstate Railroad, the Red River Valley & Western Railroad, the Montana Rail Link, and the Florida East Coast Railroad did to survive.


Download this free in-depth 61-page PDF download to get a better understanding of what it takes to survive as a railroad. The following railroads did things that others could not to survive. Find out what sets them apart from the others.

  • The Paducah & Louisville Railway and how its initial goal of solidifying relationships with existing customers and establishing credibility led to a profitable future.
  • Created as a result of the Illinois Central and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio merger, the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, ended up shedding all the mileage that appended gulf to its name.
  • Even though the Indiana Railroad typically goes unnoticed in most states outside of Indiana, it is a profitable railroad that puts business first.
  • Humility, mixing experienced railroaders with younger clerks and dispatchers, and providing reasonable and dependable rail service aided in the survival and success of the Iowa Interstate Railroad.
  • Formed during a time in which much of rural America lost the tracks it once took for granted, the Red River Valley & Western Railroad was able to do things that other railroads couldn’t dream of doing.
  • Arguably one of the most successful new regionals, the Montana Rail Link’s improvement, steady local and overhead traffic, and rebuilt motive power is what contributed to its bright future.
  • Despite violence, an unspoken excommunication from the rail industry, and peak-and-valley traffic cycles, the feisty Florida East Coast Railroad survived.

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  2. I found it print and like easy , neat little tidbits , as a Member of the PCRRHS , I really appreciate the way it broke them done.

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