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Road to Oblivion

By | December 1, 2018

Uncover the hardships and misfortunes of the Wisconsin & Calumet Railroad, the Vicksburg Route, the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad, and the Chicago, Missouri & Western Railroad.

Financial hardships, highway competition, and inadequate maintenance and investment led to the abandonment of a wide array of railroads. Take a look at our free 45-page PDF download to uncover the history behind the following railroads:

  • The formation of the Wisconsin & Calumet Railroad and the different rail lines it operated, restored, and acquired.
  • How the Vicksburg Route changed over time due to the geographical wealth of the area, its location, and the history surrounding it.
  • The reasons behind why many people refer to the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad as a hardworking regional.
  • The road of misfortune and the constant state of instability that the Chicago, Missouri & Western Railroad had to deal with.

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7 thoughts on “Road to Oblivion

  1. Agree with others here: thank you for providing such interesting collections of articles like this for free. Compilations like this give us both broad and detailed views of the subject matter…and to my experience, downloads like this are always really good reading. So thanks, Kalmbach folks, for stuff like this, and all you do there. Happy Summer (reading)…!

  2. Thanks for what appears to be another plus of always renewing my Trains subscription and often purchasing the great Kalmbach “extra” publications!
    You guys are amazing supporters of ferroequinologist hobbyists! Jim Engwall, Santa Barbara

  3. A big THANK YOU to all the folks at Kalmbach, not just for this free download which I’m sure won’t disappoint, but for your superb coverage of all rail related coverage. I especially applaud you in your coverage of UP 4014 and other rail history related articles and blogs.

  4. This was very good write up of the railroads of the past . Would love an article on the Delaware & Hudson also .

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