Railroads & Locomotives Maps Cajon Pass as you’ve never seen it

Cajon Pass as you’ve never seen it

By Angela Cotey | March 13, 2015

| Last updated on March 16, 2021

Your all-time guide to the busiest railroad mountain crossing in the United States. We map 126 years of railroad history.

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Railroads included in this map:
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe; BNSF Railway; Metrolink; Southern Pacific; Union Pacific

This map originally appeared in the August 2011 issue of Trains magazine.

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6 thoughts on “Cajon Pass as you’ve never seen it

  1. Robert is correct as Metrolink uses the old line up the Newhall pass. The interesting thing is that I have seen big freights going northbound on this line as well. Guess with the high horsepower newer engines this can be done.

  2. Good Map, this will be useful when myself and my son come over from the UK in August for a few days, Cajon and Hill 582 are on the list, and no doubt a few other places in the area ! Riverside..Commerce…San Bernadino 🙂

  3. You indicate that some of the trackage in the Cajon Pass is used by Metrolink. I don't believethat is true as Metrolink passenger trains are not using the pass at all. They get onto the desert through the Newhall Pass which is to the west of Cajon, where they end up in Lancaster. Currently Metrolink trains terminate at the old Santa Fe station in San Bernardino.

    by Robert A. Ramsay

  4. My favorite, almost weekly, hangout. Good core group of railfans plus Don Toles who takes care of it.

  5. Never let it be said that I'm the shy type. THANKS so much for the download. I could always look-up the map in the August 2011 issue but I appreciate having it on my computer in this large-format presentation. When I used to drive I-15 through this area, I would usually get off I-15 and drive old 66 through the pass so this brings back memories. Thanks again.

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