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An A-OK roster

By | April 17, 2012

Arkansas & Oklahoma relies on a variety of locomotives to move its trains

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Arkansas & Oklahoma B23-7 No. 4062 leads a train to interchange cars with Union Pacific in Oklahoma City.
John Leopard
Although General Electric B23-7s dominate the Arkansas & Oklahoma’s roster, the railroad does use a few Electro-Motive Division locomotives and has previously even rostered a couple of Alcos. With heritages ranging from Santa Fe to Chesapeake & Ohio, and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic to U.S. Department of Defense, these locomotives have seen a lot and many are still hard at work in the Southwest. Download the PDF below to get a look at the Arkansas & Oklahoma’s complete roster. For more about the railroad, see “The Rock Island is A-OK” by Jeffrey A. Harwell in the June 2012 issue of Trains magazine!

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  1. I thought article wsa good , got to see this railroad in action afew times .The roster was great would have been better with some pictures of the different units,

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