News & Reviews News Wire Trains News Wire EXCLUSIVE: UP donates B40-8 to Illinois Railway Museum NEWSWIRE

Trains News Wire EXCLUSIVE: UP donates B40-8 to Illinois Railway Museum NEWSWIRE

By Brian Schmidt | July 11, 2014

| Last updated on November 3, 2020

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No. 1878, pictured, is similar to the locomotive recieved by the museum this week.
Jon Waide
UNION, Ill. — Union Pacific has donated General Electric B40-8 No. 1848 to the Illinois Railway Museum at Union. Museum volunteers expect to move the unit from the interchange track to the museum grounds late Friday or early Saturday, according to Chief Mechanical Officer Jamie Kolanowski. They hope to have it accessible to the public yet this weekend.

The museum plans to have it running for the annual “Diesel Days” weekend July 19-20. As far as the staff knows, Kolanowski says, the locomotive is complete and operable.

No. 1848 represents the first electronic fuel injection unit in the museum’s collection, according to Kolanowski. It is also the first GE Dash-8 series locomotive to join the collection.

The locomotive’s significance is not lost on UP. “It’s always good that we can provide rail equipment to organizations that can preserve it for the future to show the technological advances in the industry,” UP spokesman Mark Davis tells Trains News Wire.

General Electric built the locomotive in August 1988 as Cotton Belt No. 8049. It was among the last 4-axle units built by GE. It arrived at the museum’s interchange earlier this week.

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21 thoughts on “Trains News Wire EXCLUSIVE: UP donates B40-8 to Illinois Railway Museum NEWSWIRE

  1. Thanks to Union Pacific for stepping up to preserve another significant piece of railroad history.

  2. And I thought it was cool for OERM to be running a Santa Fe FP45 that probably wasn't even on the drawing board when I joined in 1963, and which I photographed in 1968 on the point of #17. On the traction side, we have Shade Gap in PA and Western Ry. Museum in CA with San Diego Trolley LRVs from 1981.

  3. Nice to see UP donating the GE model to the museum. Also it would be nice to see it in Cotten Belt Hertiage.

  4. these things should have come off the assembly line and straight to the junkyard.I'd take ANY Alco RS over one of these rolling junkpiles.

  5. Yesterday's new trains, today's museum pieces.

    The Electroliner of my childhood. At Union.

    A C&NW Commuter Streamliner, still in service in that form when I started work at Northern Illinois. At Union.

    Now a diesel built after I earned tenure. At Union.

    Fortunately, I'm still in shape to go there and check out the collection.

  6. PEV from Texas,
    Where would UP get the PA and PB?
    MOP, TNO SP and DRGW disposed of theirs and I'd be surprised to learn that any were not scrap metal on the day of Amtrak's birth.
    The lead unit of UP's coal fueled gas turbine was a modified PA but I think UP got it on the 2nd hand market or from a scrapper.
    UP had a fleet of FA and FB's but if any survived the 60's?…..
    TY from IL,
    What "twins"?…..

  7. I'm glad UP is willing to donate it! Maybe they will donate the twins when their time is near? :p

  8. Good grief, I am getting old… these children are now museum pieces..

    Great acquisition tho.

  9. It is nice to see this locomotive donated to a museum. It used to be only older locomotives, but now, other types are being saved. Great job UP and Illinois Railway Museum!

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