News & Reviews News Wire Union Pacific announces three executive retirements, multiple appointments

Union Pacific announces three executive retirements, multiple appointments

By Trains Staff | March 22, 2024

Majority of changes address operating positions across system

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Union Pacific logo without slogan. UP Bailey Yard explosion appear to be accidental.OMAHA — Union Pacific has announced the retirement of three executives, along with a series of appointments to new positions.

Retiring are Shane Keller, senior vice president-operations, Northern Region; David Giandinoto, senior vice president-operations, Southern Region; and Lee Myers, assistant vice president-risk management, law.

Keller has spent 33 years at UP, joining as an operations management trainee, and has had leadership roles in transportation, dispatching, network operations, engineering, and mechanical. Giandinoto spent 30 years at the railroad after six years as a Marine, working in the transportation department at locations including Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Omaha, as well as spending time in marketing and sales. Myers was a member of the law department for 34 years in locations including St. Louis, North Platte, Neb.; North Little Rock, Ark.; Roseville, Calif.: and Omaha.

Following those retirements, CEO Jim Vena announced these new appointments:

— John Turner, currently senior vice president, Harriman Dispatch Center (HDC) and Network Planning, will succeed Keller as senior vice president-operations, Northern Region. He has been with UP for more than 22 years.

— Steven Bybee, assistance vice president-network resources, HDC, succeeds Giandinoto as senior vice president-operations, Southern Region. He has been at the railroad for 19 years, spending most of his career in the Transportation department.

— Carl Garrison, assistant vice president-labor operations, is promoted to vice president-network planning and operations.

— Erin Batt, vice president, HDC, becomes the first woman to lead the HDC, adding customer care and support and crew management services responsibilities.

— Mike Santa Maria, general manager-transportation, Los Angeles Service Unit, becomes assistant vice president, network resources, HDC.

— Ryan Curtis, general superintendent-transportation, Mid-America Service Unit, becomes general manager-transportation, Los Angeles Service Unit.

—  Mike Shults, general superintendent-transportation, Chicago Service Unit, becomes general superintendent-transportation, Mid-America Service Unit.

— Luke Slawson, prior general manager-intermodal operations, premium operations, becomes general superintendent-transportation, Chicago Service Unit.

— Naomi Deines, assistant vice president-crew management services, HDC, succeeds Myers as assistant vice president-risk management, law.

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  1. Or since they have their thirty years in they are taking their retirement packages.
    I wasn’t aware that they were dealing with a hedge fund group currently.
    When I worked there years ago I wanted the persons job who made up management/job titles.

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