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SunRail restores service to one station

By Trains Staff | October 6, 2022

Two others remained serve by bus bridge as post-hurricane repairs continue

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Commuter train rounds curve with city skyline in background
A SunRail train heads north from downtown Orlando. The commuter operator is restoring service to one of the stations that had been closed because of hurricane damage to its right-of-way. David Lassen

ORLANDO, Fla. — SunRail will resume train service today (Thursday, Oct. 6) to the Tupperware station, one of three closed since the area was hit by Hurricane Ian, the commuter operator announced.

The two southernmost stations on the SunRail route, Kissimmee/Amtrak and Poinciana, will continue to be served by a bus bridge while track repairs continue. New modified schedules reflecting the change are available here.

Repairs to return service to the remaining stations are expected to take several weeks. The Kissimmee area saw heavy flooding as a result of the hurricane, resulting in some track washouts.

6 thoughts on “SunRail restores service to one station

  1. “[T]he Tupperware station, one of three closed since the area was hit by Hurricane Ian…” but inside it was still fresh. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

    1. Great minds think alike. My first thought when I read the story was “why didn’t they put the lid on before Ian hit?”

    2. Oh, that’s easy: they had a half-dozen different lids…but none of them fit.

  2. How bad the right-of-way damage? If this was a major freight route I’m pretty sure it would of been open by now.

    1. A bridge had collapsed. I imagine if CSX still owned the line the bridge may have been repaired but not to pax standards (Katrina says hi)

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