News & Reviews News Wire Stubborn cat too much for high speed train

Stubborn cat too much for high speed train

By Rene Schweitzer | March 4, 2021

| Last updated on March 11, 2021

Planted on cab roof at London station, tabby refuses to move, forcing passengers to change trains

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Tabby cat on top of a an Avanti West Coast train in London
This cat refused to move from its spot atop a trainset in a London station for more than two hours, forcing passengers to take another train. Network Rail via Twitter

LONDON — One stubborn cat kept a British high speed train in the station Tuesday — after almost taking a ride on the train’s roof.

The BBC reports that a half-hour before an Avanti West Coast train was scheduled to depart London’s Euston Station for Manchester, a cat was spotted atop the train’s cab — and it took 2½ hours to coax it down, a process complicated by the 25,000-volt overhead power lines. Passengers were transferred to a substitute for the 125-mph, Alston-built Pendolino trainset. The cat eventually departed after a trash bin was pulled up next to the train, giving it a path to dismount.

Joe Hendry, Euston station manager for infrastructure company Network Rail, told the BBC, “Thankfully, curiosity didn’t kill this cat, and we’re glad it avoided using up one of its nine lives.”

5 thoughts on “Stubborn cat too much for high speed train

  1. that is funny. but he was drawn to the warmth for sure We had a stray feral cat that Mom fed for a few years until he got sick and crawled somewhere to die. we could never pet him but he followed Mom around and kept the squirrels out of her garden taking bites out of tomatoes. He once dumped 3 on back porch in a week for her to see. A friend who worked for a vet, said they like to show off kills as a badge of pride. Mom had to dump them in a trash bag and said he did not need to show me. One night she fed him and always gave him a milk “chaser”. He disappeared before that and Dad saw him on top of our car in garage. He had followed Mom into garage when she dumped the trash into garbage can and she did not even see him, so closed the door. He was smart enough to get up where we could see him.Dad unocked the door, he strolled out and got his milk “chaser” from Mom.

  2. He wasn’t up there for a joy ride, he was doing what all cats like to do, sit where its warm. Not sure what methods they used, but a broom with catnip or some fish meat on the end would have coaxed him pretty quickly.

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