News & Reviews News Wire Preview March and April Trains 2024 content

Preview March and April Trains 2024 content

By Nastassia Putz | February 28, 2024

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Up next in March …

We’re always adding new content to our website! Here’s a sneak peek at a few items coming up soon.

Canaan Union Depot: One of the oldest surviving union depots

A blue and white doesel locomotive passes a yellow-painted wooden train station
Canaan Union Depot — a single station jointly shared by two or more railroads — to be built in the U.S., still stands in the small town of North Canaan, Conn. Connor Dietrich

The story of this historic building traces back to the 1870s, a busy time for American railroads. Across the nation new lines were being built between cities and towns, often crossing over one another. One of these crossovers happened in the small town of North Caanan. Located in the northwest corner of Connecticut, North Caanan was a small mining and industry hub for the region.

Travel: Lone Star heritage railroad

steam train on railroad on a sunny day
The railroad operates steam and historic diesels. In recent years, a regular runner has been a Baldwin 2-8-2 built in 1917 for the Tremont & Gulf Railway and numbered 7 reflecting its years of service on the Magma Arizona Railroad. Tom Kline

Are you looking for something different yet familiar? Consider a visit to the Texas State Railroad, where you’ll experience a classic mix of mid-20th century railroading and a pleasant 4-hour train ride …

Conrail’s West Side story

Taken in late afternoon, two blue painted switch engines work amid tall urban buildings
West Side Freight Line: A pair of Contrail units switch a handful of cars on New York’s West Side Freight Line. The yard was once one of New York City’s busiest, but here, weeks before its closure in 1982, traffic is down to a handful of cars. Kent Patterson

New York Central’s West Side Freight Line, more formally named the 30th Street Branch, was the only direct freight railroad into Manhattan.

From the Cab: Amtrak’s ‘Hilltopper’

blue and white locomotive on track
RF&P GP7 102 has been cut loose from the northbound Hilltopper at Richmond, Va., in the infancy of its operation, which required the venerable EMD unit to drag the Amtrak P30CH and its two Amfleet cars backwards, in both directions, between the Virginia capitol and Petersburg’s Collier Yard. Doug Riddell

Amtrak’s ‘Hilltopper’ my first regular assignment as a passenger trainman, employed by the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad, which operated it between Richmond and Petersburg, Va. (Doug Riddell column).

Coming in April …

An engineer’s life: What the heck are railroad fusees for?

green truck with yellow light
Taken many years ago at Baring, Wash., on the Scenic Subdivision (Steven’s Pass), my Conductor is giving a back-up sign, while we wait for a westbound meet. I didn’t take my tripod to work very often. Replace the lantern bulb for the red of a fusee and you can imagine the story.

My first memory of using railroad fusees [flares] for signaling was on an early winter morning in 1978… (Michael Sawyer’s column)

Railfan Road: Nebraska’s U.S. Route 30

A train rolls by a sunset sky
Sunset on Nebraska’s U.S. Route 30 finds a long Union Pacific freight charging down the main. Kevin Gilliam

Driving Nebraska’s U.S. Route 30 along the Union Pacific main line is one heck of a show: lots of trains, big trains, all moving fast.

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  1. Interesting looking articles coming up in the March & April issues of Trains Magazine. Looking forward to them !

    And yes the drive on U.S. Hwy 30 is a great way to see the Union Pacific in operation across Nebraska ….

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