News & Reviews News Wire Norfolk Southern concludes removal of contaminated soil from East Palestine

Norfolk Southern concludes removal of contaminated soil from East Palestine

By Trains Staff | October 31, 2023

| Last updated on February 2, 2024

More than 175,000 tons of earth have been removed from site of February derailment and chemical release

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A view of the East Palestine, Ohio, derailment site on July 27 show progress made on cleanup. Norfolk Southern has concluded excavation of contaminated soil from the derailment area. NS

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — The last loads of contaminated soil have been removed from the site of February’s East Palestine derailment, according to local news reports.

WKBN-TV reports the final excavation at the derailment site was completed Sunday evening. More than 175,000 tons of soil have been removed from the site, with Bob Scoble, Norfolk Southern manager, environmental operations, saying the work has required 30 to 100 truckloads per day.

“We’re confident we’re going to get everything,” Scoble told WEWS-TV. “If for some reason we missed something, we’re going to be here to get it.” Soil testing will continue over the next five to six months, while fresh soil and stone will be brought in to fill an area roughly the length of six football fields, according to the station.

NS’s costs as a result of the derailment are approaching $1 billion, company officials said during the railroad’s most recent quarterly earnings call. And its work to address the toxic chemical release following the Feb. 3 derailment is not yet done; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently ordered further cleanup of creeks near the site [see “EPA orders more work …,” Trains News Wire, Oct. 19, 2023].

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  2. The photograph of the “site” accompanying this posting is not consistent with the photograph accompanying the following posting entitled, “Attorney Generals call for additions to the federal proposal . . .” The latter photograph, depicting the site as encompassing a broad curve and with several groves of trees and little in the way of immediate trackside structures, is almost certainly the correct one.

  3. NS will be hit on by Ohio and Pennsylvania politicians for as long as the company exists or allows it to continue.

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