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News photos: Passenger cars on display at Pullman Railroad Days

By Bob Johnston | May 14, 2022

Event at Pullman National Monument also features shop and community tours

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People in line at passenger car door
People in line at passenger car door
Visitors to Pullman Railroad Days line up to tour Louisville & Nashville sleeper-lounge-observation Royal Street, built by Pullman in 1950 for the Midwest-Florida Royal Palm. (Bob Johnston)

Man standing on platform of Tuscan Red passenger car
Owner Richard Stewart hosts visitors on Pennsylvania Railroad No. 7503, the Francis L. Suter. It was built for the PRR at the Pullman plant in 1914 as the Illinois. (Bob Johnston)

CHICAGO — The Pullman Historic Foundation’s “Railroad Days 2022” at Chicago’s Pullman National Monument, which began today (May 14, 2022) and continues Sunday, May 15, features tours of railcars built at the factory before it closed in 1981, as well as tours of the factory, Hotel Florence, the company-town neighborhood built in the 1880s, and an exhibit of Jack Delano’s photography.

Positioned by presenting sponsor Metra at the platform of its 111th Street station were streamlined stainless-steel sheathed observation Royal Street and two heavyweight business cars: New York Central No. 3 and the Francis L. Suter, built for the Pennsylvania Railroad at the Pullman plant in 1914. Also on hand was Amtrak Superliner sleeping car 32009, the George M. Pullman, billed as the last car built at the factory. A Superliner II transition sleeper was positioned next to the single-level cars so people could walk through all of the equipment

More on Railroad Days is available at the foundation’s website.

Two more photos are below.

Interior of passenger car prominently including overstuffed blue chair
The interior of the Francis L. Suter features the only working fireplace on an active private railcar certified for Amtrak service. Owner Richard Stewart says he fired it up on a January 2022 trip from its base in Philadelphia to Niagara Falls, N.Y. (Bob Johnston)
Bilevel electric commuter train passes bilevel passenger cars
Amtrak Superliner Sleeper George M. Pullman, the last car completed before the factory closed in 1981, is still in active service. The Superliner II transition sleeper at the immediate left enabled visitors to tour the car. A southbound Metra Electric train passes the equipment; Metra’s Milwaukee Road heritage diesel provided the display cars with power. (Bob Johnston)

3 thoughts on “News photos: Passenger cars on display at Pullman Railroad Days

  1. Historic Pullman Foundation (HPF)’s gorgeous and meaningful “Pullman Railroad Days: People, Progress & Innovation” event was naturally a full force success. In this merry month of May, it was also a wonderful opportunity to showcase America’s history of railroad pioneering and its unique tales that remind the fortunate train enthusiasts why Pullman has always been so special.

    Dr. Güntürk Üstün

  2. The Pullman Company [founded by the genius Mr. George Pullman (1831 – 1897)] transformed passenger rail travel in America through its innovative design, manufacturing and operations of luxury sleeping cars.
    Of course, sleeping-car travel would not have been possible in any railroad country on this planet without the great Pullman Company!

    Dr. Güntürk Üstün

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