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News photos: CSX business train crosses Ohio and Indiana

By | June 10, 2021

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Passenger train between two signals
Modern diesel powered passenger train between two signals
CSX ES44AC No. 3301 leads the CSX business train west at Union City, Ind., on June 10, 2021. Zach Marlow

UNION CITY, Ind. – The CSX Transportation business train is rolling west across Ohio and Indiana on Thursday, operating with a P001 train symbol. The newly-repainted train was spotted on the former Conrail (New York Central) “Bee Line” between Cleveland and Indianapolis at midday. A pair of modern ES44AC diesel locomotives is leading the two repainted F40PH locomotives and passenger consist, which carry a new scheme inspired by predecessor Baltimore & Ohio.

Passenger train between two signals
A passenger car carries the name John Snow for former the CSX executive and U.S. Treasury Secretary. Zach Marlow
rear of passenger train
The rear theatre car is named for former CSX executive W. Thomas Rice. Zach Marlow

8 thoughts on “News photos: CSX business train crosses Ohio and Indiana

  1. I’m sorry (and I suppose old-fashioned), but the lead two locomotives don’t convey what I consider should be the dignity of a business train.

  2. I would hazard a guess that the engines used for the biz train don’t have the controls to work with PTC installed. (yet) I dare them to bring that train down the Indiana and Illinois Sub.

  3. The F-40s were recently rebuilt, including PTC installation, but have experienced operational problems necessitating the addition of the freight locomotives.
    The train originated at Jacksonville heading to Worcester, MA with the F-40s as power. The ES44ACs were added enroute when problems developed with the original consist.

  4. Is there any place online that shows a roster of CSX’s business car fleet and the cars heritage?
    Mike Lustig

  5. CSX Transportation chose one of the best and most colourful railway paint schemes, that of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, for its business train. I am heartened to see in the 21st century a clerestoried heavyweight car on the main line in the consist ahead of the theatre car.

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