News & Reviews News Wire Newest Norfolk Southern paint scheme salutes its railroaders

Newest Norfolk Southern paint scheme salutes its railroaders

By Trains Staff | June 10, 2024

Unit debuts at event in Altoona, Pa.

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Predominantly red and black Norfolk Southern locomotive on turntable
Norfolk Southern’s newly painted locomotive saluting its railroaders made its debut the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona, Pa., on Saturday, June 8. Norfolk Southern

Top view of locomotive showing "Thank a railroader" and flag details
A drone photo shows top details of the locomotive. Marc Lingenfelter

ALTOONA, Pa. — Norfolk Southern introduced a new specially painted locomotive saluting its railroaders at an NS Family Day event at the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona on Saturday, June 8. NS CEO Alan Shaw was on hand and spoke, and the railroad’s Southern and Virginian heritage units were also on display.

The front of AC44C6M locomotive No. 4822, black and red with white trim and lettering, carries the phrase “Thank you to our railroaders,” while the long hood is lettered with the words “Grit,” “Heart,” and “Drive,” and “Moving the weight of the World.” On the top are the words “Thank a railroader” and an American Flag version of the NS Thoroughbred logo.

NS says the painting process required approximately 430 labor hours and 75 gallons of paint, and all 10 of the carmen painters assigned to the Juniana Paint Shop participated in some way. Work began May 24, with masking and the engine room interior painted May 28, primer and the white coat applied May 29, details applied in red and blue on May 30, black applied on May 31, and color coding, such as red for handrails, June 4. Masking was also removed that day so the final clear coat could be applied on June 5.

Front of red, white, and black locomotive with slogan "Thank you to our railroaders."
A front view of the new specially painted unit. NS

The latest unit comes in the wake of the proxy fight with Ancora Holdings to determine the future direction of the railroad. Shaw thanked employees for their support during that battle in a May 13 video in which he also talked about the railroad’s need to deliver results [see “Shaw to Norfolk Southern employees …,” Trains News Wire, May 13, 2024].

Norfolk Southern says it will release additional information on the unit in coming days.

Side view of unit with the "Moving the weight of the world" slogan.
A side view of the specially painted AC44C6M. NS

8 thoughts on “Newest Norfolk Southern paint scheme salutes its railroaders

  1. I like the tribute to the hard working railroaders. I do like the livery, draws attention.

  2. If the unit won’t be named “Atlas” for “moving the weight of the world”; call it “Proxy Fight” as the tangle with Ancora Holdings apparently left The Thoroughbred with a bloodied nose.

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