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New Acela, returning from Colorado testing, due in Chicago this morning

By | April 30, 2021

Train bound for Alstom factory after completing Colorado testing

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White long nosed high speed train in station
Amtrak’s next generation Acela Express is displaed at Chicago Union Station in February 2020. The train returns to Chicago today. (Bob Johnston)

CHICAGO — The Amtrak next-generation Acela trainset that has been testing at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colo., is due in Chicago this morning as it returns to Alstom’s Hornell, N.Y., plant following the completion of that testing.

The train is currently due to arrive at Chicago Union Station at 11:59 a.m., but is operating as an extra and arrival time is subject to change. After an event for the media at Union Station, the train will continue east; no schedule information is currently available.

The train originally passed through Chicago on its way to testing in February 2020 [see “Next generation ‘Acela Express’ rolls on …,” Trains News Wire, Feb. 19, 2020].

Note: News Wire will update this item with information on the train’s departure from Chicago if it becomes available.


5 thoughts on “New Acela, returning from Colorado testing, due in Chicago this morning

  1. I’m surprised the move isn’t in time for it to arrive PHL in time for the big birthday bash at 30th Street Station featuring…you guessed it, “Amtrak Joe”. Sad the only equipment procurement VP Biden made effort for was to “Build Back Better” (before that saying was fashionable) the sacred NEC.

  2. FYI There is already a new Acela trainset in the yard at Philadelphia. It’s the one that had been testing on the Keystone line.

  3. @Mark Shapp Specific equipment procurement I am 99% sure is not delineated in the Infrastructure bill and Amtrak in its FY2022 request is asking for money for both NE corridor and LD car replacement. As has been reported here, Amtrak has already chosen Siemens to build 83 trainsets or equivalent for regional services– both NE and elsewhere.

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