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Metra adds trains to Union Pacific-West schedule

By | November 23, 2022

Changes effective Dec. 5, when UP-North schedule will also see minor adjustments

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Commuter trains meet on curve
Metra UP West trains meet in Elmhurst, Ill., on June 18, 2022. Metra is adding trains to the UP West schedule on Dec. 5. David Lassen

CHICAGO — Commuter operator Metra will add 18 trains — nine inbound and nine outbound — to its Union Pacific-West schedule on Monday, Dec., 5 while also adjusting to a “memory schedule” offering more consistent arrival and departure times in off-peak periods.

Metra will make minor changes to its UP North schedule on the same date.

“We have said since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that Metra is committed to adjusting its schedules to meet growing ridership and our riders’ changing needs,” Metra CEO/Executive Director Jim Derwinski said in Tuesday’s announcement of the pilot schedule. “We are greatly encouraged by the growth in ridership so far this year and are happy that we are able to expand service on the UP-West Line to provide commuters with another option as winter sets in.”

The new schedule will include a new express train making limited stops to and from Glen Ellyn, Ill.; peak-period service with trains every 10-20 minutes at Elmhurst and points west, 30 minutes or less at Berkeley and points east, and Oak Park every 10-25 minutes.

The new schedules are available here. Metra says it will monitor customer feedback and make adjustments as necessary.

Adjustments to the UP North schedule will include added stops for six trains at Kenilworth and Indian Hill and stops at Evanston Main Street and Evanston Central Street to one afternoon train at the request of riders who reverse commute. Morrning schedules are also being adjusted to include additional stops at those stations, and schedules at other stations have been adjusted on the affected trains. The new UP North schedules are available here.

6 thoughts on “Metra adds trains to Union Pacific-West schedule

  1. Dennis, I recall hearing that Metra strategically places dual unit trains in its rush hour schedules to be able to have extra power on the line to handle emergency situations whenever a unit becomes disabled on a train. They can then couple the disabled train with the next train to keep things moving.

  2. Dennis.
    More than likely, one of the two units is making a few “shakedown runs” after coming out of the shop. Or perhaps the inbound had a mechanical issue and another unit was tacked on if it was a quick turnaround for the equipment. I had a mechanical guy ride with me a couple of weeks back because the unit I was on had reports by a few engineers of dropping its load above 38mph.

  3. Too funny as I had just made a remark about Metra and the expresses to Glen Ellyn last week. As the now retired conductor used to say “next stop….beautiful downtown Glen Ellyn!”

  4. Why in the world does Metra run 6 car trains with 2 locos? It’s not a one time event, I see it whenever I’m near the tracks.

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