News & Reviews News Wire Maryland tower to be moved this weekend

Maryland tower to be moved this weekend

By Trains Staff | March 29, 2022

| Last updated on March 21, 2024

Brunswick structure dates to 1910

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CSX logoBRUNSWICK, Md. — A century-old interlocking tower built by the Baltimore & Ohio is slated to be moved from CSX Transportation property to city-owned land this weekend, the Frederick News-Post reports.

The West Brunswick Tower, built in 1910 and removed from service by CSX in 2011, will be moved about 100 feet from its current location to city land, capping a 10-year effort to save the building.

Pennsylvania-based Wolfe House & Building Movers is slated to move the structure this weekend; a specific time has yet to be announced. The city received a $15,000 state grant to fund the project.

“I would like to thank Council Member Andy St. John for his significant efforts in seeing this project to completion,” Mayor Nathan Brown said in a press release. He also offered thanks “to all prior administrations for their work on the relocation, to all City staff especially those in the administration and planning departments, and to the community for being interested and invested in seeing this project through.” Three prior mayors also worked on the preservation project.

More details on the move will be available on the city’s website and Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Maryland tower to be moved this weekend

  1. When looking for the tower on Google, I noted a signal box just east of the station on an elevated platform. Is this area subject to flash floods?

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