News & Reviews News Wire FTA sends a dozen corrective plans back to MBTA for revisions

FTA sends a dozen corrective plans back to MBTA for revisions

By | December 9, 2022

Three other plans related to August directives are approved

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Subway train at station
An MBTA Orange Line train. The Federal Transit Administration has returned some MBTA corrective action plans to the transit agency for further revisions. MBTA photo

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority must resubmit a dozen corrective action plans to address Federal Transit Administration safety directives after the FTA asked for revisions to those plans, the Boston Herald reports.

To date, the FTA has only received approval for eight of the 20 plans stemming from directives issued by the FTA in August addressing personnel, training, operating, and other safety issues [see “DOT agency issues safety directives …,” Trains News Wire, Aug. 31, 2022]. Those directives were in addition to an earlier set issued by the FTA in June.

Mededith Sandberg, the MBTA’s deputy chief of quality, compliance, and oversight, told the Herald that the 12 plans must be resubmitted with revisions by Jan. 3. While the FTA approved three plans pertaining to safety communication, it returned the others with some information on what it wanted to see, along with a request for “an integrated project plan and comprehensive project management plan,” Sandberg said.

3 thoughts on “FTA sends a dozen corrective plans back to MBTA for revisions

  1. I don’t know about this Meredith but I hope soon-to-be Governor Healey replaces Meredith Slesinger, current administrator of MassDOT’s Rail and Transit Division. She always looks uncomfortable speaking to an audience and speaks mostly in the slimy corporate doublespeak she learned when she work at Amtrak

    1. Mark you can look it up. Your Meredith graduated NYU was a B.A. in comparitive literature.

      Mark, I think someone from your end of the state is dumping LSD into the Quabbin Reservoir for people in my end of the state to drink.

  2. FWIW, per her Linked In entry, Meredith Sandberg was appointed deputy chief of quality, compliance, and oversight within the past week or so (she posted on 12/6/22 “I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Deputy Chief of Quality, Compliance, and Oversight at MBTA!”). Prior to that, Meredith served as Senior Director of Innovation for the past year and a half for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It’s not clear to me that her background as Director of Innovation qualifies her as for Chief of Quality role but in another month or so, Massachusetts will have a new governor and high level personnel changes may occur.

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