News & Reviews News Wire Effort to save 1870s Pennsylvania station receives $75,000 grant

Effort to save 1870s Pennsylvania station receives $75,000 grant

By David Lassen | December 17, 2021

Mertztown, Pa., station is believed to be last standing structure built for East Pennsylvania Railroad Co.

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Brown wooden train station
A $75,000 grant will help move and preserve this circa-1875 train station in Mertztown, Pa. (Longswamp Township Historical Society)

MERTZTOWN, Pa. — The Longswamp Township Historical Society has received a $75,000 grant for its project to relocate a circa-1875 railroad station in Mertztown.

The funds from the Berks County Redevelopment Agency will go toward the Save Our Station-Mertztown Train Station Restoration Project. To date, more than $195,000 has been raised for the project, with an estimated cost of $310,000, that will move the station to the Longswamp Township Park for use as a museum and historical library.

Historical society President Marie Maly said in a press release that the organization has “good reason to believe the Mertztown train station is the last-standing, original remnant of the East Pennsylvania [Railroad Co.], making the station a worthy candidate for preservation.” The society acquired the station from Atlas Minerals & Chemicals in May 2019

Mertztown is about 12 miles southwest of Allentown, Pa.


2 thoughts on “Effort to save 1870s Pennsylvania station receives $75,000 grant

  1. Mertztown was a Reading Company station, not PRR. The East Penn RR ran from Reading to Allentown; was later RDG’s East Penn Branch and is now the NS line from Hagerstown to North Jersey.

    1. It doesn’t say it was PRR. It says it was a station in Pennsylvania, on the East Penn RR.

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