News & Reviews News Wire East Broad Top No. 16 set to operate at Winter Spectacular (updated)

East Broad Top No. 16 set to operate at Winter Spectacular (updated)

By | February 2, 2023

Railroad releases video of 2-8-2 under power at Rockhill Furnace

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Steam locomotive on turntable
Steam locomotive on turntable
A screen shot from an East Broad Top video released Wednesday shows 2-8-2 No. 16 under steam on the turntable at Rockhill Furnace, Pa.

ROCKHILL FURNACE, Pa. — Steam-powered excursions will highlight the East Broad Top Railroad’s upcoming Winter Spectacular, the railroad said in a press release today (Thursday, Feb. 2), with the return of 2-8-2 No. 16 to operating condition.

The railroad, which posted a video of the 1916 Baldwin-built locomotive on its Facebook page on Wednesday, confirmed that the locomotive moved under its own power that day, and says steam “will play a key role” in the Feb. 18-19 event, including steam power on all previously scheduled excursions.

No. 16 was selected as the first to be restored to operating after the EBT Foundation acquired the line in 2020. It had last operated in 1956.

“It is no small feat to bring a steam locomotive back to life, especially one that hasn’t operated in 67 years,” says EBT Master Mechanic Dave Domitrovich. “Steam is an important part of what makes the East Broad Top so unique, and I’m very proud of what our crew has accomplished in such a short period.”

The Winter Spectacular schedule had previously included train rides, as well as excursions with 1926 gasoline-electric motorcar M-1, and tours of the railroad’s 1906 station. In addition to steam power now being scheduled for the train rides, steam-powered activities have been added including hostling tours, an evening photo session, and an exclusive early-morning freight run.

“The restoration of Locomotive No. 16 represents a major step forward in the EBT Foundation’s rehabilitation of the East Broad Top Railroad,” Foundation president Wick Moorman said. “With No. 16 under steam, visitors will now get a true vision of what the EBT was in the past and what it will continue to be going forward. Passenger excursions behind steam on the East Broad Top, paired with tours of the railroad’s remarkably historic shop complex, ongoing archives work, and the continued restoration of track and equipment will give a true representation of the railroad as a vital component of the communities that it serves.”

EBT Foundation officials said No. 16 will handle most of the railroad’s excursion trains and special events this year. Schedules and reservation information is available at the railroad website.

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  1. I think we, as Trains readers, should consider making contributions to this great organization. Imagine if every subscriber donated five dollars!

    I am making my latest contribution in a few minutes.

  2. So excited to bring my grandson along. Thanx AGAIN to all of the FEBT group, who did SO MUCH, to keep this dream alive, and of course Nick, and the new non-profit group running the show. True railroad professionals. I hope to live to see the EBT run to Robertsdale again, and with the amount of progress made in just 2 short years, me thinks I will!

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