News & Reviews News Wire Customers name CSX as top-performing intermodal railroad

Customers name CSX as top-performing intermodal railroad

By Bill Stephens | January 18, 2024

Nearly 40% named CSX as the top railroad, according to Journal of Commerce Survey

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CSX train with orange and blue intermodal containers
A CSX intermodal train heads west at Chesterton, Ind., on Sept. 13, 2020. The railroad was named best railroad in a survey of intermodal service providers. Steve Glischinski.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – CSX is touting its top ranking in a recent survey of railroad intermodal customers.

The railroad was named the intermodal service “top performer” in a survey by the Journal of Commerce. The survey, conducted between Sept. 1 and Oct. 31, involved shippers and intermodal marketing companies. Among the four U.S. Class I railroads, CSX was voted the top performer by 38.8% of respondents. It was the second straight win for CSX.

“CSX is grateful to all of our customers for their ongoing partnership in ensuring a seamless shipping experience,” CEO Joe Hinrichs said in a statement. “This recognition underscores our team’s commitment to effectively collaborating with customers to provide transparent communication, innovative solutions, and exceptional service.”

CSX’s internal measurement for intermodal on-time performance was 99.8% in 2023.

8 thoughts on “Customers name CSX as top-performing intermodal railroad

  1. Wasn’t a high bar to meet. It’s NOT that CSX got BETTER, I think everyone else got worse. All of them suck.

  2. Kudos to CSX for this recognition (!), it sounds like they must be doing something right. Given that the Class I’s have had such considerable service issues in recent years, maybe it was a ‘low-bar’ in terms of what customers expect from the Class I’s?

    Still, given a lot of recent positive press on what CEO Joseph Hinrichs has been doing since taking the helm at CSX, I get the impression that he is (and is really trying) to do good and make CSX be the best it can be. So, yes, kudos to Mr. Hinrichs and the good folks at CSX for this recognition.

  3. Happy for CSX customers. Photo brings back memories because Chesterton was where I went to school. In those days it was a 4 track line and just a few miles east was a track pan where steam engines would slow to 60 and scoop up water on the fly!

    1. This photo is on the old B&O line that I used to run on. It was never more than double tracked. The line you’re referring to is the old Big Four (NYC. now NS) which was 4 track back in the day. It is a few miles to the north of the old B&O (now CSX).

    2. Thomas, thanks for the note, but I suspect (I may be wrong) you have misidentified the railroad which was a subsidiary or a predecessor of New York Central. You say “Big Four”. My thought is that it was Lake Shore and Michigan Southern.

    3. Charles, you’re correct about the LS&MS but it became CCC&StL (Big Four) then NYC, PC, CR, NS.

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