News & Reviews News Wire CSX, union reach agreement on advance payments against future wage deal

CSX, union reach agreement on advance payments against future wage deal

By David Lassen | April 20, 2022

After reaching deal with SMART-TD, railroad says it plans similar agreement with all unions

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CSX logoJACKSONVILLE, Fla. — CSX Transportation announced it has reached a tentative agreement with one of its operating unions to provide monthly advance payments against future wage increases expected when current bargaining over a national rail labor contract is completed.

The railroad agreed to pay trainmen and yardmasters represented by the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers-Transportation Division (SMART-TD) up to $600 per month. The payments will begin in May and continue through the end of the year or when a new contract is reached between unions and Class I railroads, whichever is sooner.

The railroad also said it intends to reach similar agreements with all union employees.

“Our union employees have waited nearly two years for a pay raise and are now dealing with the challenge of high inflation,” CSX CEO Jim Foote said in a press release. “This tentative agreement with SMART-TD is good for our employees, and we are committed to working with all of our labor unions to get this done for all union employees, who should not be left behind for months and months as we await the complex issues in national bargaining to be settled.”

Negotiations between the National Rail Carrier Conference, representing railroads, and a coalition of labor unions began in November 2019. They are currently in mediation, although the unions are seeking a move to arbitration [see “Railroads say unions’ request to end mediation is premature,” Trains News Wire, March 11, 2022].

4 thoughts on “CSX, union reach agreement on advance payments against future wage deal

  1. Since it’s never happened before, hmmmm, wonder why now? Could it be another attempt to retain the employees you have and keep the ones you hire? Since that seems to be a current and enduring problem.

  2. Wow. Wish I could get an advance on my future raises.

    This (unfortunately) is how the US Government operates (pay out before it is earned) and its a habit that shouldn’t be copied.

    1. If we all read the news release from CSX paragraph three, UP TO $600 advance? How is this applied to each employees different earnings. Then what about the newer hires, how is it applied to them?? They don’t start at 100%. Not so fast, they have to pay it back either out of retro pay or out of future pay increases thru deductions. The employee does not get to keep the “advance”!!! I would love to read the tentative agreement. What a logistic nightmare to figure out for the employee who has to make the pay back. Know doubt some convoluted mathematical equation that favors the company!! There is no mention how long this repayment will take or what the percentages out of each pay period will be, so will the next contract pay increase ever take affect.

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