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CSX derailment in yard triggers small fire

By | January 19, 2022

No injuries reported in accident at Avon, Ind., yard

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Overturned locomotives and freight cars in railyard
Overturned locomotives and freight cars in railyard
A screen capture from drone footage shows the aftermath of Tuesday’s derailment at CSX’s Avon Yard near Indianapolis. (Wayne Township Fire Department, via Facebook)

AVON, Ind. — Two locomotives and six cars of a CSX Transportation train derailed at the railroad’s Avon Yard near Indianapolis on Tuesday, triggering a small fire and spills of lube oil and diesel fuel.

CSX said there were no injuries, and the leaks did not impact any water supplies, the Indianapolis Star reports. The derailment occurred about noon. The cause is under investigation

Drone footage from the Wayne Township Fire Department showed tank cars and loaded container cars among those involved.

7 thoughts on “CSX derailment in yard triggers small fire

  1. There is more to this story. When you think of a yard derailment, you think slow speed, a few cars off the rail, nothing too major.

    Look at the displacement of the cars. Look at the locomotives on their sides. The drone footage doesn’t provide enough detail. What you can see is there was enough speed and force to jack knife tank cars and spill steel coils.

    Something isn’t right in Indiana.

  2. Looks to me as though engines or possibly cars on the middle track (beyond top of picture) knocked over the two CSX engines and one car on right, and the overturned tank cars knocked the stack train cars on the left off the track and tore up the middle track.

  3. I’m not familiar at all with Avon or its operations, but if the two SD-40’s pictured on their side were hump power, pulling a hump drag, which could essentially be an entire 10k-12k ton train with the air bled off (which means there’s no brakes on the cars), and this hump drag collided with another movement, even at 10mph, that tonnage will just keep shoving until it stops, as opposed to how most “trains” with the air buckled between cars will go into, or can be put into emergency, all the brakes on all the cars apply relatively quickly and it really doesn’t roll very far, at 10mph.

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