News & Reviews News Wire CPKC intermodal train derails in Alberta

CPKC intermodal train derails in Alberta

By | June 9, 2023

No injuries reported in 14-car derailment; TSB investigating

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CPKC logoCLUNY, Alberta — “Multiple cars” of a CPKC intermodal train derailed Thursday afternoon in Alberta, a CPKC representative told CTV News.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada said in a statement today to CTV that 14 cars had derailed. No injuries were reported and no hazardous materials were involved. The TSB is investigating and assessing the incident but had not deployed investigators to the scene.

The derailment about 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of Calgary occurred about 2:30 p.m.  A photograph of the scene on the CTV website shows dozens of containers strewn about an open field.

2 thoughts on “CPKC intermodal train derails in Alberta

  1. IMHO the key is “mainline” derail. Maybe not newsworthy would be derail of a local on a spur. However if there was some safety violation or fatality with the local, it would be of interest to the “state of affairs” in railroading and newsworthy. endmrw0609231525

  2. Dear Trains,

    Is it really necessary to report on what appears to be every mainline derailment?

    It just doesn’t appear to be ‘news’. And certainly, doesn’t help the railroads in any way with the public.

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