News & Reviews News Wire CP train derails in Minnesota near Canadian border

CP train derails in Minnesota near Canadian border

By | June 1, 2023

Some hazardous materials involved, but no spills or leaks reported

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Stack of derailed freight cars
Approximately 27 cars of a CPKC train derailed Wednesday near Lancaster, Minn. Lancaster Fire Department via Facebook

LANCASTER, Minn. — Approximately 27 cars of a Canadian Pacific Kansas City train, some carrying hazardous materials, derailed near the Canadian border Wednesday afternoon, closing a 7-mile stretch of U.S. Route 59 as a precautionary measure.

CNN reports the cars involved included eight tank cars, with some carrying an unspecified flammable liquid.

The Grand Forks, N.D., Herald reports the derailment occurred about 4 p.m. None of the hazardous material had leaked and no injuries were reported, according to Twitter posts from the Lancaster Fire Department and Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz. “Experts are on the way to survey the site and make sure the community has everything they need,” Walz wrote

View looking from back of truck at derailed railroad cars
Some hazardous materials were reportedly involved, but none were said to have spilled or leaked. Lancaster Fire Department via Facebook

The Herald indicated clean-up could take two to three days.

Lancaster is 9.5 miles south of the Canadian border, about 18 miles east of the North Dakota state line, and about 65 miles north-northeast of Grand Forks.

Shot through vehicle window of derailed railcars
A 7-mile section of U.S. Route 59 was closed to allow for clean-up of the derailment. Lancaster Fire Department via Facebook

7 thoughts on “CP train derails in Minnesota near Canadian border

  1. Yes, Lancaster, MN is on the line from Glenwood, MN to Winnipeg, specifically the Noyes Sub. Glenwood to Thief River Falls is the Detroit Lakes sub, which then becomes the Noyes sub, Noyes being at the border.

    CP’s primary route to Canada was, as of my time there, St Paul to Glenwood via Paynesville sub, Glenwood to Enderlin via Elbow Lake sub, Enderlin to Harvey via Carrington sub, Harvey to Portal via the Portal sub. Locations mentioned being crew change points, at least back then.

  2. The SOO Line junctions at Glenwood MN and goes straight north to Noyes. The derailment happened on the Portal Line between Glenwood and Portal ND.

    Ed Burns

    1. My apologies to all–it did happen in the Noyes Sub in Minnesota. I thought too fast.

      Ed Burns

    1. Actually, this is the former Soo Line up to Winnipeg, last I knew it was referred to as the Detroit Lakes Sub. I branches off the Portal main near Glenwood, I believe.

  3. Pre-merger, all was quiet. Post merger, let them fall. North Dakota now Minnesota. What changed?

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