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Caltrain fully energizes electrified corridor

By Trains Staff | April 10, 2024

51-mile San Francisco-San Jose route now fully available for test operations

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Caltrain electric trainset passes through station
One of Caltrain’s Stadler electric multiple-unit trainsets passes through the Hillsdale station in San Mateo during a clearance test in August 2022. The full San Francisco-San Jose electrified corridor is now energized. Caltrain

SAN FRANCISCO — Caltrain’s entire 51-mile electrification corridor between San Francisco and San Jose, Calif., has been successfully energized and tested for the first time, the commuter rail agency has announced. The milestone in the project by Caltrain, power company Pacific Gas & Electric and contractor Balfour Beatty enables full-speed testing of the electric trainsets along the entire corridor in preparation for electrified revenue service in September.

“This is a momentous step in the Caltrain Electrification project as we approach the launch of electrified service in fall 2024,” Caltrain Executive Director Michelle Bouchard said in a press release. “We want to thank PG&E and Balfour Beatty, as well as all of Caltrain and TASI’s dedicated employees and consultants for their help and coordination with this historic achievement.” [TASI is the contract operator of Caltrain services.]

The project involves two main traction power substations, in San Jose and South San Francisco, along with one switch station and seven parallel stations to distribute and regulation the electricity for the overhead catenary wire system. PGE built double-circuit 115 kV transmission connections from its substations in South San Francisco and San Jose to the Caltrain main power stations; rebuilt its substations to support Caltrain’s request for redundant transmission feeds; and upgraded three PG&E and two third-party remote end substations.

“We’re proud of collaborating with partners like Caltrain to bring safe, affordable, clean, and electrified transportation from San Jose to San Francisco and every hometown along the way,” said Teresa Alvarado, PG&E regional vice president of South Bay and Central Coast.

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  1. Great! Plan toride when the electrics begin service. Having experienced serious quality commuting on the IC Electric from childhood on, seeing Caltrain go electric is way cool.

  2. I always want Caltrain electrifications and California High-Speed Rail in California and I always love Caltrain electrifications and California High-Speed Rail in California.

  3. I always want Caltrain Electrifications and California High-Speed Rail in California and I always love California High-Speed Rail in California.

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