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BNSF to shut gates to temperature-controlled intermodal traffic

By | September 13, 2022

Railroad says agreement has been reached with ninth union

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BNSF Railway logo

BNSF Railway logoFORT WORTH, Texas — BNSF Railway will stop accepting temperature-controlled intermodal traffic as of 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 13, as it prepares for a possible work stoppage, the railroad said in a notice to customers on Monday night.

The BNSF notice says the railroad has now reached agreements with nine unions — which would indicate one agreement has been completed but not yet announced.

Norfolk Southern had previously announced it would stop accepting intermodal and automotive traffic as of today (Tuesday, Sept. 12).



5 thoughts on “BNSF to shut gates to temperature-controlled intermodal traffic

  1. Nit picking or no. News articles should be written and then EDITED for such. What else has slipped by that is in error? endmrw0913221621

  2. Maybe my face is red. i.e. Where is the mistake?

    Article is dated 13th by headline. Today is the 13th. In the text …..the Wed. 13th is BNSF action…. ….. That too is correct? Later in the text, NS was to stop “TODAY”, then mentioned Tues 12th.

    Today would be okay if it was a quote of an NS announcement. There ain’t no quotes notation. Thus this is the articles writer speaking and an error.
    Are we talking about “the error”? of it should have said “YESTERDAY”?

    Proofreading is very important if it is to be reliable and trustworthy. I know I make lots of mistakes and try to reread what I write and catch confusing wording. Still trin’ to get it right. endmrw0913221635

    1. Ahhhh, today (i.e.the day I’m posting this) is Tuesday Sept 13, 2022. That means tomorrow, Wednesday, will be Sept 14, 2022.

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