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Baltimore & Ohio heritage locomotive debuts on CSX Transportation

By Bill Stephens | May 11, 2023

GE ES44AH No. 1827 honors the founding of the first common carrier railroad in the U.S.

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CSX Transportation CEO Joe Hinrichs commented on this LinkedIn post featuring a photo of CSX No. 1827. Screenshot

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – CSX Transportation has painted an ES44AH in a Baltimore & Ohio heritage livery.

The locomotive, previously CSX No. 3059, now is CSX No. 1827 in honor of the year B&O was founded. The locomotive made its debut yesterday on the point of Waycross, Ga.-Birmingham, Ala., manifest train M646-10. Repainting of the unit had just been completed at the railroad’s Waycross shops.

“She’s a beauty,” CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs said in a comment on a LinkedIn post featuring an Allan Williams photo of the locomotive passing the former Atlantic Coast Line station in Thomasville, Ga.

The paint scheme is a twist on the traditional heritage livery and could be described as a mullet: It’s all CSX business in the front and B&O party in the back. The current CSX livery adorns the front of the locomotive and gives way to the classic B&O paint scheme at the beginning of the locomotive’s long hood.

A CSX spokesman said the railroad would soon be releasing more information about the locomotive.

22 thoughts on “Baltimore & Ohio heritage locomotive debuts on CSX Transportation

  1. It is an interesting paint job. And how educational can these posts be? Never thought about AC unit lightning bolts being DC!!!!!

  2. I like the paint job. Too bad they did not incorporate the old B&O Capitol shield on the nose to complete the look. I always liked the old Chessie system logo with the sleeping kitten. I hope they do one like that. After all that symbol can relate to freight as well as passenger service. It shows they are so careful handling your freight shipment it would not even wake a sleeping kitten. I am a CSX stockholder and like any railroad showing their roots by redoing engines in their old paint design. Please continue the practice.

  3. honestly, I think that the paint scheme is quite odd, yet interesting in the same way. it’s nice to see that CSX finally has a Heritage unit again (apart from the Veterans and Police locomotives) and that they put their own twist on it. i kind of like how they took the saying “buisness up front, party in the back” quite literally! I hope they do the same with a C&O/ Chessie system unit next.

  4. Nice to see that the corporate rail giants like CSX, and Norfolk Southern are acknowledging their roots and ancestry with these units being repainted into Heritage paint schemes as well as renumbering the units into historical years and dates. The B&O was America’s first railroad and played an important role in the development and growth this country as well as an important part in the Civil War. Now it’s time for the MTA in New York to repaint one of the Long Island Railroad locomotives in Heritage colors as well. The Long Island Railroad grew out of the old B&J railroad {Brooklyn & Jamaica } of 1834 and played an important role in the growth and development of Long Island and should be acknowledged with a locomotive painted in Heritage colors and design and bear the number 1834.
    Joseph C. Markfelder

  5. Hopefully they will do one for each of their heritage railroads. Can’t wait to see what they can do with the Western Maryland circus colors.

  6. Does anyone know if this will be repainted into a fully B&O heritage unit? Like paint the nose and hood?

    1. According to rumors, yes. It was left unfinished in order to make an appearance at some event, and after said event it will be completed.

  7. Love it, I agree much nicer than decals. Looks like Joe Hinrichs is starting to have his mark on CSX.

  8. Am I the only one to notice that CSX has ben marking its AC units wrong???? Lighting is DC, not AC.

    1. It doesn’t matter, it’s the way we do it! There’s the right way, the wrong way and the CSX way.

    2. AC traction diesels on CSX such as the ES44AH, SD70MAC, and AC4400CW have always been marked with lightning bolts on their cab sides, something never used on older DC traction units. But yes, actual lightning is DC, hahaha. You got me!

    1. Penn Central, Conrail, L&N, Clinchfield and New York Central have already been done by Norfolk Southern. And Katy and C&EI belong to UP.

  9. Very nice, definitely a different type heritage unit with the split paint job. Way better than the small decals on one side of the cab that CSX called their heritage units. Now hopefully we’ll see more. I’d love to see one painted for L&N.

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