News & Reviews News Wire Autonomous intermodal vehicle developer signs partnership with port in Washington state

Autonomous intermodal vehicle developer signs partnership with port in Washington state

By Bill Stephens | December 4, 2023

Glīd Technologies will test its battery-electric, bi-modal prototype on a spur at the Port of Woodland

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Glid Technologies is developing autonomous, bi-modal Gliders that can operate on road and rail. Glid

WOODLAND, Wash. – A Washington state port will serve as a test bed for Glīd Technologies’ autonomous intermodal vehicle.

The Port of Woodland and Glīd have announced a partnership that will allow testing of the Glīder prototype on a rail spur at the port’s Schurman Way Industrial Park, they announced on Friday.

“Glīd is at the edge of tackling a significant issue that plagues industrial areas … with the shortage of trucking, improving safety along our rails, and creating a green technology that would better serve customers,” Port of Woodland Executive Director Jennifer Wray-Keene said in a statement.

The Glīder prototype is expected to make its debut next year. The battery-electric vehicles, which can operate on road and rail, are designed to handle any type of truck trailer.

“We are excited to partner with the Port of Woodland to bring about this opportunity for strong technological advancement in the region that will provide safer, more efficient, and cleaner industry in and for the community,” Glīd Technologies founder at CEO Kevin Damoa said in a statement. “Our hopes are that our joint success in Southwest Washington will serve as a catalyst for change and adoption eventually all across our nation, as we all strive for global decarbonization, more efficient products, and more effective ways to commercialize and sustain.”

Damoa provided an overview of the process and plans for the future of Glīd at the Port of Woodland Commission meeting Nov. 16. In October the port submitted a grant application to the U.S. Department of Transportation on behalf of the partnership.

The Port of Woodland is located on the Columbia River near the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Portland, Ore.

4 thoughts on “Autonomous intermodal vehicle developer signs partnership with port in Washington state

  1. What could possibly go wrong? It’s GREEN there must be public money flowing to tech-bro cronies.

    GM has pulled all their Cruze robotaxis from Austin and SF. The handwriting about autonomous vehicles is on the wall.

  2. Ugh. As someone involved with railroad infrastructure, it makes me ill thinking of all the money invested in these autonomous single car systems. Sadly, plain old bridges, ballast, and rail just don’t have the same sexy investor appeal as overstuffed rail roombas. And yes, it will probably take decades for a shortline to make back an investment on new rail, but at least there is the possibility of making some money back.

  3. My self I would not like 20 or 30 tons rolling down the rails or road with nobody other than a computer in control. Look how many wrecks there has been with Tesla so called auto pilot.

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