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CSX releases veterans, first responders commemorative units NEWSWIRE

By Chris Anderson | April 30, 2019

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CSX debuted this First Responders unit on April 30, 2019.
Chris Anderson
CSX veterans unit No. 1776 at Huntington, W.Va., on April 30.
Chris Anderson
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — CSX today released two specially painted units from its Huntington Locomotive Shop, No. 911, a first responders commemorative unit, and No. 1776, that salutes veterans.
In keeping with CSX’s “Spirit of” locomotive series, No. 911, is the “Spirit of our First Responders,” and No. 1776 is “Spirit of our Armed Forces.”
Both units are General Electric ES44AH locomotives.

Here are photos of the two units. We will provide more details later.

14 thoughts on “CSX releases veterans, first responders commemorative units NEWSWIRE

  1. They both look outstanding! Check out the Leslie five chime horn on 1776–it’s going to sound as good as it looks. Well done, CSX!!

  2. Yes Indeed; Well done CSX, however I wish that they made these 2 engines either Tier 4 GEVOs or 2 of the upcoming 10 Unit Tier 4 ACe order, but regular Tier 3 GEVOs are just as good and nice looking in these paint schemes. I like these 2 engines.

    Now if we can just get BNSF to do some special painted engines.

  3. Overwhelming sense of too little, too late. Plus, I’m sure the PSR-decimated lives and families will be the first idle bodies to get trackside to get some ‘pitchers’.

  4. What they really need is a commemorative unit to the CSX unemployed. The road number chosen will represent the total PSR layoff numbers since the arrival of the 84 million dollar corpse.

  5. Great that they did this – after KCS, UP & NS did Veterans locomotives. KCS being the last before CSX.
    Now let’s do a Clinchfield, SCL, L&N & many more.

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