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CP business train roars through upstate New York NEWSWIRE

By Dan Kittay | October 29, 2018

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Canadian Pacific FP9 No. 1401 leads a business train through Mechanicville, N.Y. Railroad officials were rumored to be on the train as it moved through upstate New York on Oct. 29.
Dan Kittay
ALBANY, N.Y. — Observers are speculating on the purpose behind a Canadian Pacific special train that made its way through New York State’s Capital Region and northward Monday over former Delaware & Hudson trackage.

The 11-car train, led by three FP9 units, roared through Mechanicville, N.Y., on its way to Montreal, after having spent Sunday in Kenwood Yard in Albany.

A CP spokesman says the train is one of a number of inspection trains CP operations executives, including President and CEO Keith Creel, run throughout the year.

“This is an operating railroad conducting an operating inspection,” the representative says.

UPDATED: A Canadian Pacific representative responded to a Trains request for comment. Oct. 30, 2018. 2:40 p.m. Central time.

8 thoughts on “CP business train roars through upstate New York NEWSWIRE

  1. Not sure why any speculation is warranted. Those are either home rails (north of the NY Capital Cities) or NS lines where CP has rights (south of there).

    What am I missing?

  2. Their not just looking at the Fall tree color. Word is the train is occupied by Norfolk Southern officials so why would there not be speculation. If a sale happens, it would sure improve the chances for the Tahawus mine as NS in the past had favored moving the tailings from the old mine. A new buyer wants to operate the entire North Creek line for freight. NS needs to improve the present arrangement of operating ownership around Mechanicsville where they connect with PAS.

    Word is also heard that the adverse abandonment application to the STB to remove common-carrier status off the North River to Tahawus section of the former S&NC RR has been rescinded by the EPA of NY State Government. The application contained errors saying there was no traffic or potential of traffic. Essex County, Town of Newcomb, and Mitchell Mountain enterprises filed objection to the abandonment application as there are million of tons to ship. And good iron ore under the tailing pile.

  3. Railfans really do read too much into the purpose of a business car trip. A trip on any given section of track does mean that something special is about to happen. It could just be as simple as the senior leaders had not visited that section in a while and a trip was planned.

  4. W Cook’s speculation is interesting but since the post made no mention of NS officials being aboard it’s understandable that the question would be raised about why this is in any way noteworthy.

  5. Incredible. They are re-launching the D & H Laurentian. Long over due. Or how about some basic commuter service Between the employment center in Albany and long ignored Hudson River communities of Watervliet, Menands, Cohoes, Waterford and Mechanicville that are starved for redevelopment. Maybe NY will learn from NJ. If you just dare to build it riders will embrace it and capital re-investment will follow.

  6. I agree with Charles they should run a commuter train from Saratoga springs or even Whitehall to downtown Albany and put a station down by the port of Albany where it was originally not across the river in Renns. theirs plenty of track room at the port of Albany . It would ez the traffic on the northway for sure. Run the train a couple of times in the morning and in the evening . People now a days want to save money on gas and parking fees plus less wear and tear on the car, oh and less carbon in the enviorment .

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