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B&O Railroad Museum gets one sweet locomotive NEWSWIRE

By Wayne Laepple | October 28, 2019

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BALTIMORE – Just in time for Halloween, the B&O Railroad Museum has received its own sweet treat in the form of a Domino Sugar Co. Plymouth diesel locomotive.

The 1950 Plymouth, a 35-ton model MDT, was known as “Sweet Toot.” Since 1992, it switched the Domino Sugar refinery near the Inner Harbor almost daily. A newer locomotive with more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions has replaced it, according to American Sugar Refining, Domino’s owner.

The Domino refinery produces both granulated and liquid sugar, loading about 1,100 cars annually, according to a news report. Larger and heavier railcars required a more robust unit than “Sweet Toot.”

CSX moved the little Plymouth, which is operational, to the museum last week. It will be used as the switcher for the museum’s restoration shop. Museum executive director Kris Hoellen tells reporters the engine is “an authentic piece of Baltimore railroad history” that the museum also can put to use.

“Sweet Toot” is not the first item donated to the museum by Domino. Several years ago, the company donated a pair of covered hoppers to the museum.

6 thoughts on “B&O Railroad Museum gets one sweet locomotive NEWSWIRE

  1. If CSX delivered it for free, the posting should’ve noted that. As Arthur noted, why two mainline GE’s for the run? Looks like the waste U.S. railroads are often accused of…

  2. Nice! Did anyone else find it funny that the little Plymouth was moved by two giant GE locomotives? LOL

  3. Nice little locomotive to be donated to the B&O RR museum. I also heard that CSX donated a rare C&O Chessie System GP15T to the B&O RR museum also.

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