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RailWorks lands contract to maintain Alameda Corridor NEWSWIRE

By | August 27, 2019

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After traveling the Alameda Corridor, a BNSF Railway intermodal train approaches the Port of Los Angeles. RailWorks has been awarded a five-year contract to maintain the 65 miles of track in the corridor, as well as related infrastructure.
TRAINS: David Lassen

LOS ANGELES — The Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority has selected RailWorks Corp.’s Track Services subsidiary to inspect and maintain the track owned by the authority.

The five-year contract will cover more 65 miles of freight right-of-way owned by the authority, including 126 turnouts, 10 bridges, signals at 48 locations, seven grade crossings and 50 other communications assets. It also includes storm water pump stations in the corridor’s 10-mile trench, triple-track trench leading to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as other inftrastructure related to the trench.

The 20-mile long corridor, including the 10-mile trench, is used by approximately 36 BNSF Railway and Union Pacific trains per day to move containers to and from the ports. The Corridor, which opened in 2002, was built by the joint-powers authority and is governed by the cities and ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“The maintenance work performed by RailWorks will enhance the track infrastructure, ensuring trains efficiently move through the area, which carry the ever increasing intermodal traffic into and out of the Southern California ports,” RailWorks President and CEO Kevin Riddett said in a press release. “RailWorks is excited to be involved with this vital piece of national infrastructure.”

3 thoughts on “RailWorks lands contract to maintain Alameda Corridor NEWSWIRE

  1. I’m confused. The first paragraph says 65 miles of freight right of way, but, the photo caption says 65 miles of track. Which is it?

  2. Alan, I’m assuming they mean maintaining the 65 miles of track as well as all structures and installations along the tracks
    right-of-way. Also, it probably means there’s a total of 65 miles of track (spurs, double and triple track) within the corridor itself. I’m assuming all this, of course.

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