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$10k is needed to rewheel America’s last Baldwin NEWSWIRE

By Jim Wrinn | March 22, 2020

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Western Maryland Scenic is within $10,000 of rewheeling the last Baldwin locomotive built for domestic use.
Tishia Boggs
CUMBERLAND, Md. – With donations to steam America’s last Baldwin from Trains readers topping $71,000, Western Maryland Scenic Railroad said Sunday it is within $10,000 of wheeling 2-6-6-2 No. 1309.
“On behalf of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, I want to share a genuine “thank you” to the readers of Trains Magazine and other faithful supporters of No. 1309,” Executive Director John Garner says. “Since the start of the final appeal in mid-February, you all have donated over $71.000 to the restoration project’s goal. To share that I am excited to see this quick financial progress is an understatement; I must add, I am completely humbled that supporters have stepped forward to complete the restoration of the last Baldwin locomotive built for domestic service.”
The railroad has purchased all 12 of the driving boxes for the locomotive. The railroad had 11 journal driver boxes in place on the axles but we were missing the final driver boxes, pending final payment. Within 14 days in early February, Trains readers donated $34,000, to purchase and bring home the final driving box. “We have paid other expenses on the locomotive from previous work performed totaling $20,000. Balancing the account, we have $18,500 to advance the locomotive restoration to the next phase.
The next phase is to get the Baldwin re-wheeled. In order for that to happen, the railroad needs a total of $28,000 per the final cost scope created by Diversified Rail Services. This includes $16,500 for labor services and $11,500 for two cranes to lift the locomotive. This is a huge lift and the locomotive requires two cranes to perform it safely. “With that shared, we need to raise $9,500 to complete this phase of the locomotive. We are excited to see that donations arrive each day for the project. With the faithful readers of Trains magazine and other supporters of the project, we can lift this locomotive onto the next phase by raising the funds needed and have the locomotive re-wheeled by June.”
Donations can be made by going online to or by mailing a check or money order to the general office at 13 Canal Street, Cumberland, MD 21502. Please make sure your donation has “1309” written on the memo line.

7 thoughts on “$10k is needed to rewheel America’s last Baldwin NEWSWIRE

  1. Good to hear, glad to see that donations are piling in to fire up the 1309. Also finally a Newswire story that doesn’t mention service disruptions or more cases of CoronaVirus. How about some other good news as well to mention such as KCS has a new special painted locomotive, and that Railgiants in Pomona has a new Caboose on the property.

    I’ve always liked seeing news on locomotives, preservation, and other rail news.

  2. Thanks, Jim, for the positive update. I can make a donation if the organization is a 501(c)(3), and need the proper name. Thanks.

  3. James Overholser, good question and one you shouldn’t have to ask. They should be forthcoming and clear up front if they are a tax-exempt group. At a glance, I see no evidence of that on their donation form or in their publicity. Nor so I see a warning to the contrary. But as I said, you should not have to ask. You might ask Jim Wrinn himself.

  4. Personally, if owned a crane business I’d donate the services just to keep somewhat busy…I’m pretty sure there isn’t any call for cranes right now.

  5. @James Overholser: You will have to call them to see what they are.There are several business registrations covering several entities.

    a Foundation, a Heritage railroad, a Scenic railroad, a Shop, a Society

    the heritage and scenic are listed as commercial railroads.

    I am assuming the Society is the fan club.

    That leave the Shop ( 3 employees) and the Foundation.

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