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GE Transportation builds its 10,000th GEVO NEWSWIRE

By | September 21, 2017

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An Indian Railways GEVO ES43ACmi No. 49002 at Erie, Pa., in June 2017. Railroads around the world use GEVO locomotives.
CHICAGO — Years after introducing the first model of its Evolution Series locomotive, General Electric has built the 10,000th locomotive in the series, GE officials say.

All Class I railroads in the U.S. use Evolution series locomotives, or GEVOs. The Evolution series are GE’s most technologically advanced locomotives and the industry’s most popular freight locomotive.

GE introduced the Evolution series in 2005 and has since revamped the locomotive in accordance with EPA Tier 4 emission standards. The newest locomotive to enter the series is the ET44AC.

GE officials did not say which railroad will receive the 10,000th GEVO.

See the news release online.

4 thoughts on “GE Transportation builds its 10,000th GEVO NEWSWIRE

  1. Thrilling. It’s no wonder that all I ever see when I go trackside is GEVOs. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

  2. For nearly a decade when GE came out with its GEVO series locomotive as was certified for the EPA tier IV emissions standards when many railroads have some ET44AC’s on their rosters when GE officials wouldn’t say which of the class 1 railroads would get the 10,000th GEVO built at the Dallas/fort worth plant as after news of the Erie plant would still be used but all production even those for export would be built at the Dallas/fort worth plant.

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