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Steamtown eyes the next restoration candidate NEWSWIRE

By Justin Franz | September 17, 2018

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SCRANTON, Pa. — While work continues on Boston & Maine 4-6-2 No. 3713, Steamtown National Historic Site is already considering what locomotive it will restore next and the shortlist includes a surprising candidate.

Steamtown Superintendent Deborah Conway tells Trains News Wire that Canadian National 2-8-2 No. 3377 is a “likely candidate” for restoration once the B&M Pacific is complete. The locomotive was built by the Canadian Locomotive Co. in 1919 and is nearly identical to Steamtown’s other CN 2-8-2 No. 3254, which was taken out-of-service in 2012.

While No. 3254 was one of the stars at Steamtown throughout the 1990s and 2000s, No. 3377 has languished in obscurity, sitting in the Scranton yard without its leading or trailing trucks (essentially making it an 0-8-0). However, park officials believe No. 3377 might be in better shape than No. 3254.

“A condition assessment is needed to fully determine a course of action but overall staff feel that No. 3254 is pretty worn out,” says Conway, who is leaving the park soon for another position in the Park Service.

Officials are quick to note however that Steamtown’s primary focus is on getting No. 3713 running. Last month, Steamtown awarded the contract to build the locomotive’s firebox to the Strasburg Rail Road.

9 thoughts on “Steamtown eyes the next restoration candidate NEWSWIRE

    1. I agree 2317 can come back, but they don’t have the interest in 759. It is deemed too big and that 765 already runs.

  1. The 3713 rebuild has been ongoing for at least 2 decades and they are just now letting out a contract on the firebox. I think they need to concentrate on finishing the task at hand rather than dividing time with another project. Perhaps my grandchildren will be able to ride behind this engine.

  2. If you ask me, I would like to see Steamtown restore their CP 4-4-4 Jubilee type #2929 but since the engine appears to be covered in rust and corrosion, that might not happen but I don’t know what the interior is like since that could be a different story.

  3. If Steamtown is going to remain Steamtown, they ought to get on with at least one locomotive so that they always have at least one engine in steam for visitors. As it is now, they have more locomotives sitting in the yard in totally shabby condition than they have looking decent and on display. I’ve been there twice and was not impressed. The indoor exhibits in the roundhouse are very nice; the rest of the “collection” needs major work – starting with the primary display pieces of the Reading 4-8-4 (reapply its main rods and valve gear) and the UP Big Boy (reapply its main rods and valve gear and give it a paint job – it looks like it has scabies). These locomotives are not representative of what an introduction of a national museum should look like.

    1. They have Baldwin 26 right now, and Boston and Maine 3713 undergoing restoration for some time.

  4. I will be VERY surprised if 3377 can come back, considering that it was already a parts source for 3254. Maybe fabricate parts for 3377 and put 3254 on display in complete shape.

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