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NJ Transit orders new equipment from Bombardier NEWSWIRE

By Ralph Spielman | December 13, 2018

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A rendering shows the new bilevel EMU equipment Bombardier will build for NJ Transit.
NJ Transit

NEWARK, N.J. — NJ Transit’s latest passenger equipment order has a new wrinkle on the agency’s equipment needs.

The agency on Wednesday approved a 113-car, $669 million order for bilevel cars with Canadian builder Bombardier, with future options to purchase an additional 636 cars, along with 250 cars intended for Philadelphia-area operator SEPTA.

Addressing trains operating at capacity, limited station platform length, and the need to replace Arrow III EMUs that are over 40 years old, the new Multilevel III equipment will be fully compatible and interoperable with existing Bombardier bilevels to create self-propelled electric multiple unit trains in a single fleet that can operate without locomotives.

The initial order will include 58 power cars, 33 cab cars, 16 trailer cars and six restroom-equipped trailer cars. The new equipment will combine EMU and push-pull technology for hybrid consists that the agency says will be more reliable, with lower costs and maintenance requirements. Operational flexibility will allow shorter trains on branch lines as well as longer trains operating on the Northeast Corridor. The bilevel equipment will offer 11 percent more seating than the single-level Arrow IIIs, while offering 2-2 seating as opposed to the Arrows’ unpopular 3-2 seats.

A video showing features of the new cars is available here.

Other features include USB ports, an infotainment system, LED lighting, power restroom doors, and on-board cameras. LTK Engineering Services, Inc. will assist NJ Transit in design and engineering for the equipment for a $42-million contract.

Bombardier was selected to build the equipment over Chinese state rail company CRRC.

4 thoughts on “NJ Transit orders new equipment from Bombardier NEWSWIRE

  1. If they’re like the existing multilevel cars there is a shallow luggage rack on the upper level, but nothing on the lower levels. Headroom is tight on those cars, but the seating is very comfortable.

  2. And again, given this example of bi-level construction capacity, why was the decision made against such proven manufacturers, as Bombardier, to go with Sumitomo’s lowest bid for the California/Midwest/Amtrak bi-level intercity order? Why was that contract not pulled earlier to salvage the order for bi-levels?

    Also, very good of NJT to support Bombardier and not CRRC.

  3. Didn’t Bombardier inherit Pullman-Standard at some point? And who inherited Budd? Does anyone know?

    The above comments are general in nature and do not form the basis for an attorney/client relationship. They do not constitute legal advice. I am not your attorney. Find your own damn lawyer.

  4. The video was impressive, but I notice that overhead storage racks are eliminated. I guess with the double-decker design there wasn’t enough room. Sometimes shoppers with large packages, diaper bags, strollers, etc. use those bins for bulky items instead of occupying a seat with them.

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