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Union Pacific donates SD70ACe No. 4141 to George H.W. Bush Presidential Library; Big Boy 4014 joins celebration NEWSWIRE

By Jim Wrinn | November 8, 2019

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UP 414 rendering of display
UP 414 rendering of display
Rendering of display for Union Pacific No. 4141 at George H.W. Bush Presidential Library.
Jim Wrinn
UP 4141 with GHWB portrait
Display showing UP No. 4141 with former President George H.W. Bush in the cab.
Jim Wrinn
Union Pacific 4141 UP 4014
Union Pacific No. 4141 in Big Boy No. 4014’s passenger consist at College Station, Texas, on Nov. 8, 2019.
Jim Wrinn

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Moments after Union Pacific Big Boy No. 4014 with the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library diesel No. 4141 in the consist of its passenger train arrived here at the home of Texas A&M University, railroad officials Friday afternoon announced the donation of the SD70ACe to the Bush library.

In a scene reminiscent of the Bush funeral train that operated with No. 4141 leading from Houston to College station about 11 months ago, No. 4014 and train pulled into this college town for the ceremony that included Neil Bush, son of the late President; Scott Moore, UP vice president; and former UP Chairman Dick Davidson.

No. 4141 was built as UP No. 8423 in 2005 and repainted in a scheme replicating Air Force One later in the year. It operated a short time in the special scheme and was placed in storage during the recession of 2007-2010. It operated briefly before its Dec. 6, 2018 use on the presidential funeral train. It was expected to remain in No. 4014’s train as far north as Palestine, Texas.

A full story about how UP created No. 4141 is in the 2019 edition of Locomotive, the special issue from Trains magazine. No. 4014 is on the second half of its fall 2019 tour of the UP system. That tour is covered in the January and February issues of Trains and in a DVD to be released in early 2020. All of these products are available at

11 thoughts on “Union Pacific donates SD70ACe No. 4141 to George H.W. Bush Presidential Library; Big Boy 4014 joins celebration NEWSWIRE

  1. That is a good gift UP we all miss President Bush and it is fitting that his favorite train is on permanent display in his museum.

  2. On another note, this will probably be the 1 and only SD70ACe to be preserved. But other ACe’s might be preserved 20 years from now when Tier 3 becomes outdated and we will probably be in the Tier 5 or 6 market or some other type of lower emission locomotives when that happens.

  3. Does anyone know where the display for it will go? I am curious if it will be kept near the tracks or moved by truck to the actual library itself. Glad to see the 4141 going to a good home

  4. I can still remember watching the UP Ace’s when they were brand new coming from GMDD London. Saw 8423 as well including it’s fellow units.

  5. Seems like a waste to me. A true rail fan would rather see the locomotive operate rather than gather dust and rust.

  6. Hope I’m able to travel to College Station to see the Bush Library & 4141 one day. Was proud to have served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm under his Presidency.

  7. With those wondering if the sole SD70ACe to be preserved and repainted as UP 4141 not before being pressed into service a year ago to help pull the presidential train. With the George H.W bush library to be preserving the unit when those wonder if it was to be put on static display or restored to operating condition. By 2040 those wonder if tier 3 interm and tier 4 locomotives are already outdated to be scrapped rather than be outfitted to whatever emissions standards are at the time. With most excursion railroads and some class 1 railroads use a diesel electric locomotive in a steam locomotive’s consist when UP 4141 was in the sole big boy’s consist to be used as a generator for the passenger coaches and or providing dynamic braking action when something happens to the steam locomotive the diesel electric locomotive is to provide backup power.

  8. I think that this is a wonderful bit of news. If President Regan could have his Air Force1 in his library. Then President Bush could have UP 4141 at his. A word to Kalmbach. I’m looking forward to buying the DVD.

  9. James Simms, thank you. I also was in DS, as that was my last command prior to retirement. The 4141 behind Big Boy gave me chills. I was in Navasota when the President’s body went through town. A great tribute indeed.

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