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Texas short line railroad starts construction on new 9-mile segment NEWSWIRE

By | September 7, 2017

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HONDO, Texas — A project that looks to build a new freight rail line west of San Antonio is moving forward with preliminary surveying and right-of-way work.

The Southwest Gulf Railroad Co. recently announced it has started construction on its Medina Line, a proposed 9-mile rail line operating north from Dunlay.

Crews are starting to survey the proposed route and marking the right-of-way in preparation for the next phase of work. Once all of the surveying is complete, crews will start fencing the property, conduct some earthwork, and install rail. A project timeline estimates that construction could be completed as early as 2019.

A Houston-based general contractor is handling the rail line’s construction and environmental processes.

According to the railroad, the Medina line will be marketed in conjunction with Union Pacific to promote economic development opportunities and the ability to ship products by rail.

The rail line will operate north of Dunlay on the east side of Quihi and will interchange with Union Pacific in Dunlay.

Southwest Gulf Railroad Co. is a subsidiary of aggregate company Vulcan Materials.

See the news release online.

5 thoughts on “Texas short line railroad starts construction on new 9-mile segment NEWSWIRE

  1. Vulcan Materials has what looks like several gravel pits west of San Antonio, south of Lake Medina. There are what looks like two other operations in close proximity.

  2. We can’t even get a spur into an existing industry and here is a railroad building 9 miles of track with no mention of existing traffic along the way?

  3. Mr. Norton, Texas doesn’t have it’s swagger reputation for no reason. They’re kind of big on getting things done down there. (And no, I’m not a Texan, but I sure wish they would annex the state I am in!)

  4. In Texas utilities and railroads can condemn a right of way and give you an offer that they think is good for the land. If you don’t like the first offer they then give you a second offer while taking your land with zero protection. You have no rights of refusal.

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