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Big Boy stuns crowd with unexpected stop NEWSWIRE

By | May 7, 2019

Unknown issues prompted Union Pacific steam crew to pause at Carter, Wyo.

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CARTER, Wyo. – Carter, population 10 – in 2010 – increased its head count at least eight times Monday as Union Pacific Big Boy No. 4014 rolled onto a track through this small unincorporated place east of Evanston, Wyo.

Trains’ video team arrived before sunrise Monday to find the perfect spot and saw first-hand the natural and relatively calm surroundings of the town. High desert birds, sheep, and antelope all came into full view before being joined by about 80 railfans and locals, including six state police cruisers and officers.

The extra law enforcement helped urge the camera toting crowd and traffic keep off the grade crossing where Big Boy unexpectedly stopped for more than 10 minutes.

Valves and pipes, checked, the steam crew whistled off and departed Carter in time to meet an eastbound Union Pacific train.
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15 thoughts on “Big Boy stuns crowd with unexpected stop NEWSWIRE

  1. When the 4014 starts up, I am noting steam (condensate cloud) around the piston rod of the front engine’s cylinder but note the back engine’s cylinder. Is this abnormal and indicative of a bad packing seal?

  2. Cool, one crossing in the whole area and they manage to block it. Looks like the could have stopped short of the crossing and got there inspection done. I guess they do that in so many other areas of their system that they figured who would notice in Carter, WY.

  3. Was that eastbound freight the Rail Ex perishable train? Would like to have seen it also. This is the future of the industry.

  4. We have to remember that this is a “break-in” run for 4014. The crew is going to stop if they have the least reason to check things out and make sure that everything is still OK. Or they stopped for the rail fans. Or, most likely, they stopped for the approaching hotshot freight. All pretty normal stuff on any railroad but special only because of Big Boy.

  5. I think was to give the fans more to see. Glad you were there. What is the que of chasers like?

  6. So why am I only seeing the Trains logo blocking the video? I thought subscribers were able to see them. Thanks.

  7. 25 years ago, UP 3985 made the trek from Cheyenne to Ogden for the 125th Golden Spike Anniversary. The Challenger was unassisted with a 22-car excursion train, ran at track speed most of the time and made the trip in two days, overnighting in Rock Springs.

  8. The packing on the front left cylinder does seem to be letting a fair amount of steam past.

  9. Watching the rest of the video, the aforementioned rod packing definitely needs some attention. Nothing catastrophic, but not ideal.

  10. The freight was far from a “hot” train. Run of the mill RVNP. The perishable trains vanished a while back.

  11. That was a good trip and I had my friends there in Evanston when the train came in they live right next to the tracks.

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