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UP unveils ‘Powered by our People’ special paint scheme NEWSWIRE

By | June 6, 2019

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On the hill above the tracks is Kenefick Park, home to Big Boy No. 4023 and DDA40X No. 6900.
Becky Stone
OMAHA, Neb. – Union Pacific has unveiled its latest commemorative paint scheme on Thursday in Omaha. EMD SD70ACe No. 1111 now sports an intricate new paint scheme and the slogan “Powered by our People” on the cab side.
The unit was spotted on a passenger train near Kenefick Park along the Missouri River on Thursday.

20 thoughts on “UP unveils ‘Powered by our People’ special paint scheme NEWSWIRE

  1. My goodness is that silly !

    Did anyone at the Union Pacific remember that a safety violation notice form was a Form 1111 on the old Chicago & North Western ?!

  2. Would love to see just a fraction of the effort that goes toward these special locomotive paint schemes applied to UP’s unremarkable and dull freight car fleet.

  3. Probably didn’t have to use to much paint for it since they no longer have as many employees.

  4. Mr. McNamara, to paraphrase Buzz Lightyear, “But we’re not on the CNW, are we?”

  5. It’s actually on BNSF track in South Omaha. May be staging for a college World Series display.

  6. Nice special painted Union Pacific SD70ACe by Union Pacific, I like it, Even though Union Pacific has layed off workers over the last few months due to PSR, I am sure that there is a meaning behind this special painted Union Pacific locomotive to honor the hard working people past, present, and future that continue to work hard and honor their work to keep Union Pacific running.

    I wish they painted a Tier 4 ACe in this scheme but a standard SD70ACe looks just as great in this paint scheme.

  7. What is with the robin egg blue short hood? Can’t at least one part of this Loco be Armour Yellow? You would think the MoPac was in charge of painting!

  8. Mopac Blue and Iowa Interstate Red and Black. Personally, I think this was HQ’s idea to make themselves feel better in light of the hatchet swinging going on under PSR.

  9. Can we please just have Armour Yellow locomotives with “UNION PACIFIC” on the sides? And if we must have special schemes, can’t it just be actual Missouri Pacific, Southern Pacific, Cotton Belt, Texas & Pacific, Midland Valley, Chicago & NorthWestern, Missouri-Kansas-Texas, Western Pacific, Spokane International, maybe even Rock Island (did I miss anybody?), schemes?

  10. The MoPac’s blue was no where near this shade of light blue. Initially it was Eagle Blue, a much deeper shade of blue, closer to, say, the B&O’s Royal Blue. Later, under President Downing Jenks, they went to a simplified scheme using an even darker shade, called Dark Eagle Blue. Where the U.P. came up with this light blue for their MoPac Heritage Unit is a puzzle.

  11. “Where the U.P. came up with this light blue for their MoPac Heritage Unit is a puzzle.” Perhaps because this isn’t a MoPac Heritage Unit it’s a ‘Powered by our People’ special paint scheme.

  12. When Union Pacifica is laying off people and shutting down facilities how can you paint a locomotive that shows it cares and respects its workers , I mean don’t get me wrong the crew that painted this did a fantastic job , but as far as the company goes its sending a mixed message that it cares about its employees when in all honesty it doesn’t !

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